• 32 Free Sound FX Samples

    32 Free Sound FX Samples

    I spent some time on sound designing and here’s 32 royalty free sound effects for you to use f…

  • In The Spotlight: Studio DMI's Alliance

    In The Spotlight: Studio DMI’s Alliance

    Connecting with people plays an important role in every artist’s career. Getting feedback, sharing ideas, learning from others and getting your music to the right people is a must if you want to succeed. And these days, it all happens mostly online. So with that in mind I just wanted to showcase Studio DMI’s Alliance network (SDMIA). Before you ask what on earth is SDMIA, here are a few words about Studio DMI first. Studio DMI is a mixing and mastering studio, which includes specializing in electronic dance music and is located in Las Vegas. One of it’s founders is Grammy nominated mixing and mastering …

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