140MB Of FX Samples For Free | By AZ-Rotator


140MB Of FX Samples For Free By AZ-Rotator

Got an email from Loophunter.com and they are offering a nice collection of 100 fx samples for download for free, produced by AZ-Rotator. Here’s what the producer himself have to say about the samples:

100 Sounds from my own film. A collection of FX Samples by AZ-Rotator.

I’ve always dreamed with to put some sounds over some film or animation. Past year I was recording different sounds and processing them. I imagined some images on my mind and tried to put sounds on it.

I have been using this samples on my productions and gigs in the last times, now I would like to share them, so here is a pack with some of these sounds, for you use them like you want.

If you enjoy the samples and make something with them, please let me know!

All samples recorded and created by AZ-Rotator, 2009 at Solomute Labs, Madrid.


IMO pretty nice sounding fx – some of the samples works well in glitch music for example 🙂


– 140 Mb Complete Pack Content.
– WAV / 32 bits / 44.1khz
– PC/MAC Compatible (Logic, Cubase, Reason, SonyAcid, Fruity loops, GarageBand, etc…)

Download 100 AZ-Rotator FX Samples For Free.


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Petri Suhonen is an electronic music hobbyist. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.

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4 years 7 months ago

Hmmm, these look good. I may try them 😀

4 years 1 month ago

What is this film the artist speaks of?

3 years 10 months ago

DL Doesn’t work

3 years 9 months ago

I’m curious, are all the soundfonts you post Royalty free/ Commercial free? 🙂 Awesome site btw.

3 years 7 months ago

32 bit? I heard if your song is going to exported as 24bit then using 32bit will have no point. true Petri?

1 year 25 days ago

You are right Aldin, but if you are producing in 32bit you should export i 32bit. but mostly people use 24bit 🙂

Aung Kyaw Soe
Aung Kyaw Soe
3 years 7 months ago

download link is dead