620MB Of Free Samples By Sample Magic


620MB Of Free Samples By Sample Magic

Sample Magic is a well-known sample provider with a superb quality of loops and samples on such genres as house, electro, dubstep, chillout and practically any genre there is in EDM. According to Computer Music, they are “one of the elite dance sample vendors” and I agree fully!

With that said, they are offering 18 free sample packs (620MB zipped) for you to download and use in your musical productions. In total,  there are 680 samples ranging from drum loops to bass loops and single hit drum samples suitable for such styles as tech house, breakbeat, rave, minimal techno, chillout, etc etc.

I highly recommend downloading these packages to your sample collections.

EDIT 25/03/2013: due to bandwidth limits this sample pack isn’t available anymore.

Sample Magic Samples Here


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Nice find


Link just takes me to the samplemagic homepage 🙁

Duane Lewis

Ditto …. home page only, no easily identifiable link to FREE stuff ….. just add to cart at stated prices …. no thanks !! Very deceptive ….. bye!

Petri Suhonen

hmm… it seems the link has changed. I need to try to find the new link and fix that.

Jess Mason

The offer is no longer valid, any chance you are able to upload and link me or torrent, email, etc?


Petri Suhonen


I’ll ask directly from the guys at Sample Magic if this is still available somewhere.

Stay tuned!

Petri Suhonen

Hi again,

They sad that due to bandwidth problems they had to scale these back.

However, they do offer free downloads regularly so I would suggest to keep an eye on their website or signing up their newsletter.

Cotton Boy

Can u host the files ? Im really lookin for some free sample magic.