82 Free Drum Samples By Spunkface


82 Free Drum Samples By Spunkface

Spunkface Samplers is a sample manufacturer and while I was lurking in their website, I found this good quality package of free drum hit samples called “Drum 2 Drum”.

I crawled through the sounds and there’s some very usable punchy and deep kick drums, crispy claps and percussion sounds for eg. house, techno, trance or practically any kind of EDM.

There’s 82 drum samples in total consisting of:

  • 16 kick drums
  • 19 hihats
  • 25 percussion sounds
  • 19 snare & clap sounds

All samples are in 24-Bit WAV file format and processed through high end gear.

Recommended download!

Download Spunkface Samples 82 Free Drum Samples.


About Author

Petri Suhonen is an electronic music hobbyist. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.

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5 years 3 months ago

Hey petri, great samples! I created a free dubstep sample pack that was released by spunkface samplers as well its called “gritty dubstep” if anyone wants it. It is on the same webpage as these samples.

3 years 9 months ago

Hey petri you are amazing i am your fun from georgia(reoublic of georgia) : )

1 year 4 months ago

How are you meant to download it???

9 months 2 days ago

The download got removed for no apparent reason. 🙁