960MB Of Samples From 214 Drum Machines For Free!


960MB Of Samples From 214 Drum Machines For Free

Could this be the all-you-ever-need sample package for your vintage drumkit needs? It’s up to you, but I’m positive this’ll keep you satisified for a very long time.

I picked this package from the Warbeats forum (thanks to user Sabotage). These are samples from from 214 drum machines & keyboards and in total there’s 12 158 Wav & Aif files.

Here’s what the Sabotage says:

I have had a huge collection of FREE vintage drumkits for a while. And have seen so many so called “sound designers” sell these same kits all over the net, and on ebay. So I decided to gather them all in one place and truly put together THE VINTAGE drum kit. With 214 machines sampled for drums (no duplicates in here) and many of the more popular machines having multiple kits.(This is because kits from various sources are recorded with different equipment and on different settings. And there for they will not sound a like either.) This is the largest collection of vintage machines I know of.

These samples have been gathered over a long period of time from various sources and are all believed to be in the Public Domain. With this many sounds gathered from so many sources it becomes hard to know witch kit came from what site. Especially since many of the sites providing these free sounds, freely borrow from each other. I have kept the original info files intakt if there were any in the packages.

The user has listed all the drum machines & keyboards the samples are taken from.

Check the list and download the samples here.


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Petri Suhonen is an electronic music hobbyist. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.

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Kyle Reeze

Huge thanks for this pack, man. I’ve been looking long enough for something like this. I think i can sell some of my machines i’ve been keeping just for the sounds.
Some packs are recorded with silence at the beginning, but i think i can deal with that.


If anyone is interested, I have a refill that I made out of this collection.

Andrew J3nkins

I would highly enjoy that wally brain!!


This sounds amazing but the Warbeats forum is down… is there another download link to these samples?


hello there

My harddisc crashed and i lost my sabotage samples from 214 Drum machines .
is it possible that somebody can send me a working link that i can download this samples again.
i will help me a lot.

greets soeren