Cybernetik Mayhem | 844MB Free Sample Pack


Cybernetik Mayhem Free Samplepack

I recently stopped by on the Dogs On Acid forum and picked this awesome huge sample pack by one of the forum users called Cybernetika. This sample pack – titled Cybernetik Mayhem – is focused on Dark & Cybernetic Sounds for Psytrance, Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Dark Ambient & IDM.

Here’s what the package includes:


Dark Neurofunk Basses and Reeces, and some trance bass sounds.

Pads & Atmos:

Nightmare pads & post-apocalyptic ambient soundscapes.


Robotic Future FX, mostly one shot samples.

Psy Riffs & Sequences:

Mind-bending leads, FM assaults, acid sequences

Percussion Loops:

Digital Drumloops, from technoid to glitchy.

Cybernetika comments about these samples:

Feel free to use them in your tracks, these samples are 100% free to use however you like to use them. Please give me some credit if you use them and like them.

I downloaded and checked the samples and yep – these are very useful samples indeed! Also remember to check out Cybernetikas awesome music.

Download Cybernetik Mayhem Sample Pack.


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also awesome!

Petri Suhonen

yeah, some nice psy elements 😀


Hi! This pack is useful. I want to ask you if we can use some of this samples on potencial comercial songs?


Petri Suhonen

Sure thing! Actually almos anything can be used for commercial song. Just be creative 8)


I can’t get to the dogsonacid website.
Any help? I tried Chrome and Explorer but I failed to get to the download link.

Petri Suhonen


That’s strange.. I tested the link and in here it works fine. Did you try this address: ?

DJ Andy Warhol

Hey sometime ago I stumble upon a website, my friend was using to get free sample packs I think Cybernetik fans might find something useful there << check the free samples section

Thanks Guys ps. great dj samples posted here keep up the good work!


Pls new link. :-S thx you