dBlue TapeStop For Tape Stop Effects


dBlue TapeStop For Tape Stop Effects

There’s actually several ways to create ‘tape stop’ -effect in FL Studio (Grossbeat, WaveTraveller, etc), but I think the easiest route is to use dBlue’s TapeStop VST effect and of course, it’ll work in other DAWs as well.

dBlue TapeStop is a free and easy to use VST effect with adjustable slowdown speed.

I’ll demonstrate the use of this fabulous effect in the video below:

Download dBlue TapeStop

Installation instructions: just unpack it and copy the .dll file to your vstplugins folder.


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Milos Berkovitz

Good tutorial thanx, respect to your work and your efforts to enlight beginners! 🙂


I still use the free TbT Tapestop:

You can configure it to fit your needs and is very easy to work with. Unless someone invents something fantasic, I’ll never use another Vst-Tapstop-Plug again.

Petri Suhonen

Thanks for the link, Simon, going to check that out as well 🙂


Thanks for the tutorial and the link of the plugin. I just tried this plugin the effect doesn’t seem to affect the bassline. I’ve sidechained kick to bassline. Also the effect is not very neat like the DJs do with their consoles. Any idea why this is happening?

Petri Suhonen

Hi! If you wan’t the effect to affect several sounds, you either need to: 1. Route all the sounds to a one mixer track and load the effect to that mixer track or 2. add the Tapestop effect to the Master mixer track.

To your second questions: what kind of DJ effect are you looking for specifically?



Thanks for the reply Petri. Nevermind, it worked for me 🙂

Petri Suhonen



can you email it to me please in a compressed folder


Awesome tutorial! Thank you!

Petri Suhonen

No problem, enjoy the dBlue quality 8)


If you like TapeStop, check out dB Blue’s Glitch. It includes a whole bunch of glitchy effects including Tapestop in a single audio rack. You also get a step editor type interface for managing which effects come in and when, plus loads of tweak-able settings for each effect. It’s great! 🙂

Petri Suhonen

Yeah Glitch is great for tape stops too! I’m actually using it in my Dubstep tutorial.


I noticed the download link has expired. Is there nay other means of obtaining this plugin?

Petri Suhonen

Hi, yeah the website seems to be down. Here’s another download link:




I’m trying to download that vst, but both of the links is expired.
it’s an awesome vst from the looks of it and i really want it 🙂
Please help? 😀


It took some time but i found it!
Thanks for showing that awesome vst 😀


So when i try and save the download link it always comes back with a error message saying file damaged??? please help


Nice track dude…and thanks for posting!!!

HEY!! Petri i just want to thank you for all these tuts you put up. I have learned good stuff from you so far!! thank you very much man. My dream is to be a producer one day 🙂 these tut help out alot since i dont got time for school D: . So i just wanna say thanks! your tuts do help ! I also had a question, for some reason i dont know how to copy and paste from inside a automated clip like you did on this tut. if you can please let me know how to… Read more »
Sami Törmi

Tervehdys Petri!

Yritin löytää netistä dBluen TapeStop-efektiä, mutta en löytänyt toimivaa linkkiä siihen mistään.

Olisitko voinut lähettää minulle ko. efektin sähköpostiini ? 🙂
Luultavasti .dll tiedosto riittää.

T. Sami Törmi

Petri Suhonen

Morjens Sami!

Se löytyy täältä:


Eli kun scrollaat sivua vähän alaspäin, siellä on osio “Older VST Plug-ins” ja sen alta löytyy latauslinkki pakettiin joka sisältää kaikki noi Illformedin vanhat pluginit (mukaanlukien TapeStop).

Terv. Petri


Is that vst compatible with studio 1?


I really appreciate your work keep it up. very informative.