Free Infectious Harp Loops By The Producers Choice


Free Infectious Harp Loops By The Producers Choice

To stand out amongst the millions of other producers, you need to think outside the box and that may very well mean using sounds other producers are ‘afraid’ to use.

For example, have you ever thought of using harp in your electronic music?  

Well, here’s your chance: thanks to The Producers Choice, here are 7 free beautiful harp loops for you to use in your musical productions.

This is a kind of material that suits especially well for hip hop/r&b type of tracks or with a bit of a tweaking, actually for any genre.

Samples are taken from the full sample collection called ‘Infectious Harp Loops‘ by The Producers Choice.

Enjoy the loops!

Download 7 Free Harp Loops By The Producers Choices Choice


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Yes, I agree, artists should try to experiment and graft in different sounds so its not all the same thing. One of the reasons I love Bassnectar so much.

I myself, since I was raised a classical musician, often create my own samples with the bucketloads of instruments lying around my house. Maybe I should compile them for others to use…

Petri Suhonen

That would be awesome… Let me know if you end up with such material and I would be happy to make a post about it 🙂