Handful Of Videos To Learn Basic Music Theory


Handful Of Videos To Learn Basic Music Theory

In order to be able to create music that sounds good or ‘right’ (regardless of the genre), you need to learn the basics of music theory: notes, scales and chords. Personally, I’m not qualified for teaching you even the basics as I have a big gap in knowledge in music theory.

Fortunately, there’s guys like Nelson Fernandez Jr. from Warbeats (Warbeats is an FL Studio community with a lot of tutorials), who have put down the basics to an easy to understand series of video tutorials.

Watch these videos, and you’ll most likely get a grasp of the idea!

First, the notes:

Second, the scales:

Third, chords:

And for some additional material, check the tutorial for chord progression:

Warbeats Chord Progression Tutorial

Making a melody:

Chord inversion and the epic chord progression:

Making a song in key:

Make effective basslines:

Making musical phrases:

Watch these tutorials with a thought and you should have a strong idea how to make music sound right!


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Thank you.

Petri Suhonen

Np, Alex!

Juan Manuel

Beautiful videos! Thank you very much!

Petri Suhonen

I agree, very helpful!


I can’t stand his style. Please keep posting your quick to follow guides.

Petri Suhonen

Hehe, well I have something in the making (though not probably a music theory related yet) 🙂


I agree…..although those are good tutorials….and there is much too learn from them. Its just annoying..:D



Petri Suhonen

Glad you’re liking them, mate, though all the credit should go to the Warbeats and Nelson Fernandez Jr. 🙂

dj charlie g


Petri Suhonen

Yeap, great videos!


Petri? you and Nelson Fernandez Jr. Have been, my mentors in the new techniques I’ve learned in my music production and I’ve given both of you credit on my Jamendo artist blog 🙂 about it. Been following you guys since mid June? July? I don’t remember, but I have learned sooo much from you and him. Thanks for your tutorials, you’re freaking awesome dude!

Petri Suhonen

Thank you Charlee, I seriously appreciate tha!


wow thanks

Petri Suhonen



Dude you’re awesome!

Petri Suhonen

Credits to Nelson Fernandez Jr. 🙂


You and NFX (Nelson) should be eternally thanked for all the material you release! 🙂


You just saved me like 100$ on piano lessons 😛

I really can´t say with words how much you guys have helped me out! I had alot of ideas befor but was not really known to how to make them work with all thi new electroic devices, all i knew was how i wanted it to sound….and by seeing all youre tutorials i have really learnd how to create the sound i have in my head and since a week ago i got a record deal and will release three house tracks for a famous label! ….all my gratitudes to you ….youre the best and please don´t ever stop what… Read more »
Brandon Ferguson

Wow, these videos have definitely given me both more knowledge and inspiration as well. Thanks 🙂

these tutorials are amazing! keep up the amazing work Petri! this guide has been very useful in improving my limited knowledge of music theroy, one thing I have been finding useful is to import Midi files from old videogames and the like games like doom and ff7 used midi files for their music and as such tended to have a more basic structure compared to most other types of music its much easier to understand in the piano roll with one of these midi tracks without a million things all going on at once to really get the hang of… Read more »
dj yogi

thanks u so much guys for all this help !! respect for india


If only I had a decent connection! Haha, that’s why I came to the site for the text tutorials. Love your stuff guys, appreciate it so much!

Petri Suhonen

Great, thanks!


thanks bro!!!! you are the men……learnt a lot from you tutorial’s


Always the best tutos. Thank you! Respect from Brasil. If you see a vampiro sucking all your vídeos and its IP shows Brasil. Yes it’s me… haha

Kris Mahon

Thankyou very much….This is the best tutorial i have ever seen…Finally i can give some rest to my search bar…


Best tutorials ever…. I have already bookmarked this page…. Thank you so much….. Will love to hear from you 🙂