How To Create Interesting Vocal Effect With Pitcher


How To Create Interesting Vocal Effect With Pitcher

With a right set of effects you can turn practically anykind of sound to something incredibly interesting. FL Studio has a set of effects and tools to manipulate audio in a countless of different ways. One such tool is Pitcher. Pitcher is a real-time pitch-correction, manipulation & harmonization plugin that can correct and harmonize under MIDI control from a keyboard or the Piano roll.

If you don’t have the full version of Pitcher yet, Image-Line has an outstanding deal: pay what you think it’s worth. It comes bundled with Newtone, so you can grab both for a SERIOUSLY very low price. EDIT: the deal isn’t available anymore.

Anyway, here’s an audio example of what kind of vocal effect I’m going to teach you:

First dry:


And here’s with the effect:


I have also attached the FL Studio 10 project file which you can download and use freely. The original vocal clip I’m not allowed to share because it’s from a commercial sample library, but you can replace it with whatever sample material you have. Just remember to assign the sample to a Mixer Track 1, because that’s where the effects are.

Here’s the video:

Download FL Studio project file (.flp)


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Jon W
That seems like it could add a real nice touch to some vocals. I need to download some good vocals and try this! Nice new tutorials by the way!!! Also, I have a question…You might not have the answer but I can’t figure it out!! I updated to FL 10, and its awesome, but when I place notes on the piano roll, about half of them end up as slide notes and I can’t figure it out….Its really bugging me! A friend told me it could be my midi setup but I have it set the same way I always… Read more »
Petri Suhonen

Thanks Jon!

Hmm.. that’s one strange problem you got there. Have you checked that the Slide -function isn’t active when you add the notes to the Piano Roll (you can activate/de-activate it via that triangle looking icon below the Tools -icon. Also, you can use keyboard shortcut Shift+S to toggle it on or off). ?

Jon W

Yeah its weird…I’ll look at the icon and it will be off and sometimes it will just click in when I place a note….but I’m going to re-install FL and see if that will work. Hopefully it will because I really like the new features.
Thanks for the shortcut tip though 🙂 I didn’t know that lol


Yeah I’ve noticed the same problem, it seems to do it especially when placing notes directly above or below an existing note (maybe “predicting” a desire to create a slide effect??) but that could be coincidence… I agree it’s a pain though!


amazing work man so simple but you know what your doing and your tutorials are legit! keep up the good work

Petri Suhonen

Thank you Lane, tryin my best to keep this site helpful 🙂


GRACIAS estan muy buenos sus tutoriales espero q siga poniendo mas tutoriales saludos desde lima-Peru

Petri Suhonen

Gracias, Mickii! 😀


Than kyou!

Petri Suhonen


Max Golovanov

Just’ve passed it – THX for nice tutorial Petri!

BTW, ‘Correction speed’ wheel (located at the bottom left) adds even more interesting effect to the final output if you turn it to ‘Slower’ position.

As FL Help for Pitcher says: “Slower settings are particularly useful when the vocal contains legato or glissando style singing” – & that’s our case 😉

Petri Suhonen

Thanks for the Tip, Max 8)


i love the magic to harmonise vocals, but i am still struggling to process one vocal like in the lead vocal. Backing vocals in wonderfull…….


Your tutorials are great and have helped me along the way, thank you. I saw FLStudio beta 9.6 pitcher with the different interface and liked it. Is it possible to get that one, or is it just the retro version?