How To Create Staccato Lead Using 3xOsc


How To Create Staccato Lead Using 3xOsc

Here’s a simple tutorial video demonstrating how to create a basic (but nice & mellow sounding) staccato lead using 3xOsc and couple of FL Studio native effects.

Here’s a sound-clip:


I just have to hype 3xOsc: it is sooo simple and easy to program yet it’s possible to create all the basic electronic music sounds with it and some more if you combine it with FLS effects.

Okay. Enjoy the tutorial video and feel free to download the FL Studio project file as well:

Download Staccato Lead FL Studio Project File.


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Awesome! just did this tutorial and tried different midi patterns as well and it sounds sooooo bad ass!! thanks Petri!!


Hy petri do you cand send me some kick i love how sounds yours !


Very useful! I like that lead sound and I’ve tried to make something simular before without succeeding. Thanks!


Hello Petri!
Wow, the kind of bass that makes you get hypnotized.
Useful tutorial. We have to thank you for your job, really appreciate!

Petri Suhonen

Thanks, man, thanks! 🙂


That’s “lead,” not “bass.”


of lead*


yes! this tutorial is just great! thanx a lot for your effort, Petri! i have a question regarding the hint bar – how were you able to drag and move it?

Petri Suhonen


The hint bar: first, enable it under View -> Toolbars -> Hint Bar. Then, left click-&-hold on top of that circle of the hint bar and drag it to where-ever you want 🙂


Awesome sound! Thanks!

Petri Suhonen

Thank you!

Erik Nilsson

Wow this sounds great but it is very hard to follow in comparison to your other tutorials. Especially when the love philter comes in. I have no clue what you are doing :S

Petri Suhonen

Thanks! And sorry for the lack of explanations in that video (I was too lazy lol).

Basically, I just created a filter modulation effect with the Love Philter to add some life to the sound. Did you try to re-create it ?

Kevin Tan

Wow! This is so amazing! Thanks for all your tutorials Petri 🙂

Petri Suhonen

No problem, Kevin !


When it comes to stretching the filter points at 3.20 i cant get the small yellowish dots with the lines between them to appear. Every time i click a point it just moves the existing dot to that position. Not quite sure what im doing wrong. I tried messing around with the freeze, step, snap and slide in the right corner but ive had no luck. Only thing that holding me back so far. Apart from that the videos been excellent!

Petri Suhonen

Hey Paul,

Have you got it working yet?

That is strange problem… By right clicking, you should be able to place a new point anywhere you want in the grid (depending if the Snap is on) and by holding left mouse button and dragging you should be able to move the points anywhere you like.


Thank you Petri, you don’t have a clue how much your tutorials have helped me! This lead is something I have tried to create for a long time. But I have a problem on dragging the dots in the filter: I can only move them between 100%-0%. Is it my settings or something else?

Petri Suhonen

I’m glad to hear that, Sami!

To your problem: did you set the Editor target to Cut? There you should be able to move between 100% – -100%.


No, I didn’t. That solved the problem. Thank you!


shit, this is fucking awesome, thanks for the tut :))))))))

Petri Suhonen

Hehe, thanks!


heres what I managed to create using this tutorial

Petri Suhonen

Hey Avidosh, the link doesn’t seem to be working (?)




Thank you man you made great tutorials
I have made this song with this tutorial


Any chance you could throw up the piano roll or project file for that drum track at the end? Or perhaps a Tutorial for it?


something is wrong with the FL project.. i can’t download it.


Thank’s dude it realy helps me! Here is what i make with that. I hope that is good enough 😀


Hi Petri, thank you for your work and your tutorials. They are so useful for me, i learnt so much and i have so much to learn from you. Thank you again 🙂


Hi Petri Suhonen. i m totally new in FL studio. But i really have a passion to create electronic music in FL. Please advise and guide me.