How To Make Wobble Bass In FL Studio


How To Make Wobble Bass In FL Studio

Wobble bass is widely used in dubstep, but also on other musical styles such as house and drum & bass. FL Studio offers a nice set of tools to create wobble bass easily with almost any VST synth there is.

In the following tutorial video, I show you two easy methods to create wobble bass. You’ll learn to use the automation with LFO tool effectively. I will be using SimSynth Live as the example synth, but you can use the same principle with any synth.

I’m also sharing two FL Studio project files where both of the methods are all set to get you going.

Download Wobble Bass Method 1 FL Studio Project File

Download Wobble Bass Method 2 FL Studio Project File

(Credits to Audiotuts+ for teaching me this method in a first place!)


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Jon W

Man, I thought I knew all the techniques of automation……Makes me wonder what else I have missed!

Great tutorial!!

Petri Suhonen

Thanks Jon!


There are a lot if different ways achieve this effect I like to use Love Filter, and control the LFO speed using my midi controller, and record the automation. I guess ANY LFO will work.

Petri Suhonen

Yep. Love Philter works great too.

Actually, you can create wobble with almost any subtractive synth, without the LFO tool, but I think using the LFO tool is the easiest & fastest way.

Great tip on recording the LFO speed via MIDI controller, btw. 🙂

Alex Dickson

I think I can find some good use for this 😀 thanks

Petri Suhonen

Thank you, Alex!

Jon W

Yeah I used the love filter just to test it out while back, I liked it but I had 3 automation clips for the wobble and I just got too frustrated lol. I might try to incorperate some wobbles into a house track or something but I can’t make dubstep 🙁 But I love listening to it!

Petri Suhonen

Dubstep sounds somehow “twisted” yet very interesting 🙂


Instead of adding Fruity Fast LP as an effect in the mixer, can’t you use the Fast LP in the instrument channel settings window, as it’s supposedly the same?


Don’t have FL Studio yet, so I wouldn’t know.

Petri Suhonen

Hi Raphael,

The filter in Channel Settings is only available for Sampler instruments and Sampler plugins so with plugins like SimSynth or third party VST synths it’s disabled so in that case you can’t use it to create wobbles. With samples you can use it for such purpose with no problem.

melodic electronica ugo

Glad to see you’re using FL Studio! that is all.

Sekis Rafael

I have fl studio 10 fruity edition and i don’t find simsynth O.o

Petri Suhonen

Hey there, if I remember correctly the Simsynth is in Producers Edition…sorry.


Thanks a lot, that’s a perfect tutorial!

Petri Suhonen

No problemo, glad you liked it 🙂


is there anyway to get a faster wobble in fl?


You can use the LFO tool to change the speed of the wobble. 🙂

Max Golovanov

THX for great dubstep tutorial, man!

Expected to see your favourite 3xOsc as a dubstep source sound – can’t believe that you used SimSynth! 😉

Little tip – speed knob in LFO tool can be easily adjusted to project’s tempo by simple ‘right clicking’ & selecting step which you need! So there is no need to run metronome 😉

Petri Suhonen

Haha yeah I deviated from my usual routine !

Thanks for the tip, I also learned it only recently to tell you the truth 8)


Am i the only one who cant “make unique”? I’ve tried over and over followed exactly what you do but it won’t let me it says clone for further editing! UGHGHGHG

Petri Suhonen

Hey there, what FL Studio edition are you using? I mean is it Fruity or Producer edition?

Philip Ley

Hey man nice tutorial! Simple and straight, exactly was I was needing to get started.

Philip Ley



Okay, I have 2 questions. I see that you’re using the LFO on the playlist, after you lay down your bassline.

1) I dont see LFO under “Tools”. Im using NI Massive rather than Bassmoog or whatever, does that matter? Or is LFO a standalone VST that I can get?

2) How can I use the LFO function to make the bass wobble without affecting my drumlines? Thanks.


LFO is just a Low Freq Oscillator that comes with most DAWs..some plugins have it disabled,as a matter of fact it would be disabled on some instrument channels(depending on the instrument type,I assume its only for low freq instruments judging from the name ). Try Alt+O to see the window pops up.


it’s an oscillator that oscillates at a low frequency. It’s not ‘for’ ‘low freq instruments’ (what are they on a DAW!?)

A LFO is not under tools, they’re built into plugins, or in the channel settings window.

It won’t affect your drumlines anyway as they’re per channel.



Also – as you didn’t know what a LFO was, you should probably not bother using Massive and go for something simpler to learn on.

Actually, probaby worth learning to make music from scratch!

This is a very good short read.


Shit tutorial, made no sense. Didn’t work.

Petri Suhonen

Jake, that was a bit stupid comment. What part of it didn’t work? If you’re calling it sh*t because you didn’t got it working, try again and follow the EXACT steps of the tutorial or explain to me WHAT part of it didn’t work.


Oh, and, NICE JOB PETRI! It works perfect of course! lol!

Petri Suhonen

Thanks, Jason! 😎


Jake, that is because you have shit for brains. Maybe you would be entertained by a nice cartoon on TV.

Petri Suhonen



Hard to find a CLEAR tutorial!!!
good job!


when i press the lfo, it comes up very small and it isnt red.


i kinda fixed it, but the sounds sound are short, i cant make them long. i copied everything you did.

Petri Suhonen


Can you explain a bit more what sounds are too short? Do you mean you can’t make a long wobbles with the lfo tool?


well yours sounds clean and such when you first bring it up, but mine does not sound like yours. i fixed the lfo tool, my computer was acting up on me. btw, do all synth makers in fl studio allow you to add the wobble and which synth maker should i use to make a synth for my dubstep music.? Great tutorial.


great tutorial. except, i tried copying everything you did and the synth does not sound clear like yours, it sounds pretty bad. how would i fix this?


wow thanks i learned a lot. im a newb at fl studio. your video was best out there