How To Sidechain With Fruity Love Philter


How To Sidechain With Fruity Love Philter

There’s lots of ways to achieve that sidechain compression style pumping in FL Studio. One of the fastest ways is to use the volume envelope pattern in Fruity Love Philter and in this short tutorial I will show you how.

First you need to route the sound you want to ‘pump’ into a Mixer track and drop a Fruity Love Philter into that Mixer track’s effect slot and reset it’s settings by loading the Default preset.

Reset Love Philter

Now, in the filter unit 1 (you should be there by default), under the Filter section, disable filter by clicking the OFF switch (we don’t need any filter effects in this example).

Disable Filter

Next, above the editor grid, click the VOL to set the Editor target as volume and underneath it, PAT to set the Articulator part as pattern envelope. Under the editor grid, enable the envelope by checking the enable box. Also, make sure that the Tempo-based time is enabled to make the envelope sync with your project tempo (check the TEMPO box). And lastly, enable the Snap to grid by checking the SNAP box.

Prepare The Modulator And Articulator Part

And now, draw a following envelope:

Volume Envelope For Pumping

So what does this do? This kind of volume envelope will make the volume of the signal quickly rise from silence to a full level over a time of one beat thus creating a pumping effect (one beat is 1/4 of bar – note that in the Love Philter editor grid, four of those dim vertical lines equals a one beat).

And finally, set the first envelope point as Loop start point (to make the envelope loop) by right clicking it and choosing ‘Loop start’ from the menu:

Set The First Envelope Point As Loop Start

Edit the envelope point positions, levels and their tension levels to make the pumping sound the way you want (listen it with your kick drum to make it sit well to the rhythm).

Remember that you can also save the settings as a preset and then re-load it quickly anytime you need it from the Love Philter preset menu.

Save Love Philter Preset

That’s about it. Watch the video version below and download the preset:

Download Fruity Love Philter Sidechain Preset (.fst) (just drag and drop the .fst file to any Mixer track effect slot and you’are all set)


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Sandro Costa

Olá, muito legal suas aulas, percebi que voce usa o FL STUDIO para produzir, eu tambem gosto dele, eu utilizo o plugin de efeitos Turnado, porem ele congela quando eu abro ele, sabe como consigo arrumar isso?

Petri Suhonen

Sorry my friend, I don’t understand what you’re saying… can you put it in english?


hey man i translate this to english sandro is from Portugal

Hello, very nice your classes, I noticed that you use the FL STUDIO to produce, I also like it, I use the plugin Turnado effects, however it freezes when I open it, you know how I can fix this?

Sandro Costa

Ok, Thanks, but is from Brazil…. not Portugal.


Don’t brazilians speak Portugal? 😀

Just guessing…


Brazilians speak “Brazilian Portuguese”, but Portuguese speak “European Portuguese”.


hey man
you promise make tutorial pattern 6 and 9 and 10 and 11 in (How To Make A Massive Uplifter With Harmor)
when make? you say soon but……
please answer me (in reply)


Nice tut but why do we need this? I guess some people may prefer it But for me I’m using classic Compressor linked to a fruity peak controller.

Petri Suhonen

Just a one more way to sidechain. It doesn’t hurt to have it in your arsenal.


hey petri why change video server to youtube?
in my country youtube is filter
i wait yet for tutorial pattern 6 and 9 and 10 and 11(you promised)
good luck

Petri Suhonen

Hey Alireza,

I needed to change the video streaming to Youtube because my server was starting to get strained too much, sorry ’bout that..

Next tutorial will be the drumbeat so stay tuned!


hey petri thanks for answer
good luck


drum beat and other pattern please

Petri Suhonen

Please be patient, making tutorial takes time.

Jens Christensen

Shut up maybe be abit greatful that he makes all this tutorials for you completely free, instead of begging for more greedy idiot, you don’t deserve these tutorials


ok excuse me
good luck

Petri Suhonen

No worries Alireza, stay tuned!


thank u for all of these perfect tricks man ! i got interested in fl since i saw your videos it’s very professional an d funny as well ! I’d like to learn more about fl and produce my songs with it from now , could u encourage me please

Sam Matla

Great post Petri!

Gonna try this one out tonight.


There Is One Extremely easy way to Create side chain effect….

1.First you need to route the sound you want to ‘pump’ into a Mixer track

2.Drop a Gross Beat into that Mixer track’s effect slot.

3. Select “Sidechain”

U Can See Picture in This link..

Sorry 4 my poor english


I found that out myself a few weeks ago. Funny! I now prefer this way cause it gives you total control of the sidechain. Sidechaining with compressor gives you a attack time on the compression which you may want to avoid. Also, if you want fast release the sidechain sound will be weird.


I agree, I tried this out last night and I preferred it over the compression method. I found it had better control. Thanks Petri. Great site!


Your tutorials are amazing! (Even though I’ve only seen 3). I’m one of those old style DJ’s, what with the turntables and all, so I’m not used to making songs on the computer. For now, I’m still testing the waters of FL Studio and your tutorials have really helped my get into it! I hope you prosper from all the help you’re giving! Good luck in your tutorial making bro!


Am actually using this men…..
Ma F.L usage is different coz of u

Max Golovanov

Hi, Petri!

Thanks for another smart & fast tutorial about sidechain compression!

As for me I found it works better than sidechain with compressor because you can draw the volume envelope whatever you like – with compressor sometimes it’s quite a hard task to get the pumping you want by playing with Attack & Release knobs!

Thanks again & keep it up!


That was Cool But i have Problem here when i right click on the 1/4 point i cant click on the start Loop do u have and solution ?


moro. mikähän vois olla syynä kun ei tule tota loop startia, lukee vaan sustain loop end?

Petri Suhonen


Onkohan sulla mikä FL studio versio? Ja onko demo vai täysversio?


Hey, a good sound for sidechain is the 3xOsc with all oscilator’s shape set to Noise 😉