And HTMEM Beat Contest!

52 And HTMEM Beat Contest!
In co-operation with, I’m hosting a beat contest.

The rules are simple: create a beat (any genre) using the sample pack provided by (you can download the sample pack HERE). The top 2 will win awesome sample packs from!

Here’s the rules in detail:

  • Create a beat using ONLY the samples provided in the sample pack (no external samples or instruments are allowed as the idea is to make a beat just by using the samples of the sample pack)
  • You CAN edit and process the samples any way you want
  • Submissions should be no longer than 1 minute
  • Only one submission per participant
  • When complete, upload your beat to your Soundcloud or Youtube account and post a link to the comment section below of this post
  • Submissions must be submitted before Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
  • Winners will be announced Friday, November 4th, 2016
  • The jury consists of Antony Parsons (founder of the and me


Best beat gets Premium Drum Bundle and Massive Synth Bundle

Second best beat gets Massive Synth Bundle

Good luck and happy beat making!


About Author

Petri Suhonen is an electronic music hobbyist. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.

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Liam Bajic

Wanted to go with an 80s Club vibe for this competition:

Pepijn Hoffard
Massi Vasilios

Un altro italiano! Mi piace il beat, buona fortuna πŸ˜‰

Massi Vasilios

Are we allowed to import a sample into Harmor (or any other vst) and create a new sample?

Erik SF
Rik Bokhorst
Caleb Weller

Can I slice a drum sample and use it as a synth or is that too much manipulation?

I think i have fixed it now it plays πŸ™‚

New Loops

Doesn’t seem to work

Dror Bazer

Is it allowed for us to take a sample, filter it until it’s reduced to one sine wave harmonic, record that sine wave, then additively multiply it until we get a saw wave, and then subtractively manipulate that saw wave in order to get our own unique sound?

lol jk
Is it though?

New Loops

You can do that, but you wont win! πŸ˜‰ I need to hear my sounds in there.

Dror Bazer
Alright, well now on a more serious note: I started working on my own submission for this contest yesterday and I did take one of the samples though and reduced it to a single sine wave so that I could have a sub going on. Is that alright? It’s just the sub. I mean, I like to add a seperate sub to my stuff but this pack does not include a sine wave sample. After all, it still is just the sample from the pack just with certain processing applied. I’ve also used the moog saw LP filtered sample at… Read more »
New Loops

Your allowed to use the sounds any way you want. The rules are to use the sounds. πŸ™‚ Good luck!


You say “make a beat just by using the samples of the sample pack” but you also say “You CAN edit and process the samples any way you want”.

I understand we can’t use drum machines, synthesizers, etc. But are we allowed to use e.q., reverb, distortion, etc.? Just making sure.


Hey, this is my try to do something with this sample pack! Turn your volume up!

Bhalchandra Panchal

Win or Lose doesn’t matter much, the samples are awesome and the challenge was fun πŸ™‚


My submission for the contest in Drum & Bass style:

Allen Polley

Does it have to be exactly a minute? Or approx? And is this more for loop production or would it hurt with intro and outro format?