Phenome Free Soundfont Player By Prodyon Virtual Gear


Phenome Free Soundfont Player

Just downloaded and tested Phenome, free Soundfont player by Prodyon Virtual Gear. Looks great and sounds great! There’s 420 MB (unpacked) worth of factory content sounds included. That’s 132 presets in total. Check the video for sound examples. This is recommended VST synthesizer for your computer studio arsenal.

Check below for some details (quote from Prodyon Virtual Gear website):


PHENOME is a low-CPU 8-part multitimbral Soundfont (SF2) Player-VST Instrument with all the basic features like ADSR, multiple filters and arpeggiators.
It has been designed to focus on getting things done quickly rather then being bloated with features that get hardly ever used.

In Detail

You select on of the eight layers of PHENOME and load any Soundfont you have into it. From there you choose the patch you want (and bank). Each layer has controls for volume, pan, muting, one of eight(!) stereo-outputs and much more…

Create complete multi-setups

All eight soundfonts that you can load and play simultaneously can be “saved” in one setup or “multi” using your host´s FXB (Bank-Save)-feature.
This way you can easily save your favourite custom settings/multis and load them back later in another song or project.

PHENOME also features full recall/automation and MIDI-learn for almost every control on screen!
The mapping is easy: Right-Click a control of your choose and choose “Learn”.

There is much more to explore – so download your free copy of PHENOME today and start playing!

System Requirements

To make full use of PHENOME a decent Windows-PC is a must-have. 1Ghz Single-Core Processor and 256 MB RAM is the minimum to run PHENOME.
Windows XP/Vista/7 (TM) , 32-Bit. (64 Bit not tested). XP Users: Service Pack 2 required! PHENOME hasn´t been test on V-Machine yet.


Download Factory Sounds.


About Author

Petri Suhonen is an electronic music hobbyist. He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.

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Jon W
5 years 6 months ago
I’m going to download this for sure! I was going to ask you a few dumb questions on youtube in a message so no one would think I’m a complete idiot..but I guess I dont care lol, but this seems related…. Well, first, in trance music do you use arps? and if so when and how? I know there are tons of arp presets but I would like to make my own so I don’t feel like a cheater lol. So that leads to my second question….Is the arpeggiator how you create arps? I’m only familiar with FL’s basic features… Read more »
Jon W
5 years 6 months ago

Thanks alot!!!
I’m listening to your trance right now and It totally makes since! (The wall to be exact :D) I can pick out the up and down sequence you were talking about 🙂
I want to try right now haha.
The Kirnu VST looks great too! I’m going to give it a try. Although If I get frustrated Ill probably end up on the piano roll haha.
Man I can’t say thanks enough!
Can’t wait for your tutorial!!!
Take it easy man 🙂

Jon W
5 years 6 months ago

Already?!? Awesome man!!
I was just about to mess around with with kirnu and stuff, so perfect timing haha 😀

I really appreciate it 😀

melodic electronica ugo
5 years 4 months ago

if you’re using FL studio, you can load one instance of Phenome, load up all 8 channels, set the midi port in options and then add “MIDI OUT” channels to access all the instruments you’ve added in Phenome. This is instead of adding multiple instances of Phenome. Same thing with SampleTank. Only pb with MIDI OUT channels is that you can’t do effects on them.

5 years 3 months ago

This is a awesome website with a lot of tips!! I have some trouple with this plugin though. First, I tried to copy the .dll file to Fl studio-plugin directory. Launch the plugin once. Then install the factory presets to the default directory. However there no presets present when I run the plugin in FL studio again.

So, I tried to install the plugin to C:\Program\VSTplugin folder instead. Then reinstall the factory presets. I didn’t help.

Could you please help me. I’m a newbie =)

Thanks in advance

4 years 6 months ago

I cannot seem to get Phenoe to work in Fl Studio 10. How would you set it up so you can use Phenome in Fl Studio 10?

Geekus Prime
Geekus Prime
3 years 8 months ago

I can’t believe i missed that one ! It is the ultimate weapon for exploration and creativity ! Thanks so much for the discover 😉

And hum.. there’s no trace at all of the 420mb default library ? does it has been taken off ?

1 year 3 months ago

Do you got the factory patches ? It seems the links are dead. Can you please upload them to some site?