100 Superb FREE Drum Kick Samples By Markus Hakala!


100 Free Kick Samples

Markus Hakala is back with a new set of 100 terrific kick drum samples – this time aimed specifically at Trance music producers.

I have to say that these are – again – really well-produced kicks, clean, sharp and snappy and has plenty of that low-end ‘oomph’. Perfect for modern uplifting Trance genre. Nice job, Markus!

Here are some details on what you’ll get with this free drum sample library:

  • 100 kick samples in total
  • Clean Wav 24-bit samples
  • Made from scratch, 100% unique samples (clean low end)
  • Drum Kicks are labeled to the note where they are made on (like kick 08 F#)

Download Markus Hakala Trance Kick Drum Sample Pack

Remember to check out the earlier kick sample packs by Markus Hakala and visit (and subscribe) to his SoundCloud and Facebook pages as well.


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15 Comments on "100 Superb FREE Drum Kick Samples By Markus Hakala!"

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Joseph FABS

I really love this forum. It’s very innovative. Kudos


Thank you duude!!!!!!

Reza [IR[

tnx mate that was fantastic !!

grant stanley

thanks man i just downloaded the 500 kick samples and now this! great stuff for making this available. exactly what i was looking for.

Arto Haukka

Wow cannot thank you enough!


hello friend, I was so happy with it that when I was playing I noticed that it was 24 bit, you can post this pack in 32 bit, please?
p.s. please say something

Petri Suhonen

Hey Pedro,

Get all the 500 Markus Hakala’s kicks here: http://howtomakeelectronicmusic.com/markus-hakalas-kicks-all-in-one-500-free-kicks-in-total

They are all 32 bit!


Hey Petri,
Thanks for your answer, but yesterday I downloaded this package (500 Free Kicks By Markus Hakala) but did not work on my fl studio 9.
Besides the description of this package informs that the samples are in 24bit WAV format as you can see.


Is it possible to get this package in 32bit?

Petri Suhonen
Ah yes sorry man, the pack is 24-bit indeed. My mistake! Part of them (kicks 1-400) were originally 32-bit, but people were having problem getting them to work in Logic so I replaced them with 24-bit ones. However, the 24-bit WAVs should work in FL with no problem. What kind of problem are you actually having with them in FL? Do you get an error message when you’re trying to load them in eg. sampler channel? Or no sound? Anyway, I have the 32-bit versions for kicks 1-400 (for the the kicks 401-500, I don’t think the 32-bit versions even… Read more »

Hey Petri!
When I was using 24 bit samples in fl studio, the sound did not work.
But now, Got it! I find a solution using Audacity, “converting” to 32 bit!
Anyway, thank you for your work, I will continue to follow you.
Good Job! : D


Hey Petri!
Got it! I find a solution using Audacity, “converting” to 32 bit!
Anyway, thank you for your work, I will continue to follow you.
Good Job! : D


Thaaanks!! 🙂


Is this royalty-free and free for commercial use samples?

Petri Suhonen

Hey Kuiper,

Yes these are royalty-free and free for commercial use!



Petri, thank you!
It’s a really great site!