Tons Of Classic Drum Machine Samples For Free!


Tons Of Classic Drum Machine Sounds For Free!

Short while ago I was searching for a Roland TR-909 drum samples and I stumbled on to awesome website called Music Machines. They have loads of drum samples available for download from such classic drum machines as Roland TR-808, Linn LinnDrum, Boss DR-55, Korg KR-55 etc.

Go check it out and grab those classic drum samples to your sample collection!


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Nice discovery. There’s never enough of samples, so this will be of great utility 🙂


when come new tutorial?


jus checked it out, n hmm it has gud samples…..

Sam Matla

There’s also this zipped package –

Which contains something like 200 of the classic drum machines, including all the Rolands 🙂

Petri Suhonen

Hey Sam!

That’s a HUGE collection! Are they roaylty free?

Nana Wiener

I’m thankful to you, makers of FL for which today has made a part of my achievement.


Would you believe that website has been up since before 1998?!!?
i found and snagged those samples a loooong time ago
And now, here in 2013, not only do a run an online radio station (EDM) but
i have been producing with many labels, artists, djs, and finally am building yet another tutorials, samples, and loops website.

Petri Suhonen

Wow.. didn’t knew it was THAT old.

Almost 16 years and still usable… kind of amazing 😎


Forgive me if I sound rude, but that site’s been around for eons and any producer is most likely familiar with it by now. Also, it really doesn’t have that much anyway. Most of those samples are availabe in various VST hosts and/or plugins and they’re 16 bit. But if I were a noob, I guess I would be thanking you. So on behalf on the noobs out there, I thank you.

Peace out, Sean.


We just spread the news, I think it’s a good resource for those who discover our site for the first time or they don’t have so many VSTs or drum samples yet. Cheers!


Hello, anyone will have the roland td8 sounds? Would be of much help to me. greetings from Chile!