Best Bass Tutorials For Dubstep, Drum And Bass And The Likes


Best Bass Tutorials For Dubstep, Drum And Bass And The Likes
Recently I’ve been watching bass sound programming tutorials on Youtube made by a FL Studio user called SeamlessR. He’s making outstanding bass sounds with such FL Studio plugins as Sytrus, Harmor, Vocodex, etc. This is a kind of material that suits PERFECTLY for such genres as dubstep & drum & bass. I recommend to check out all of his tutorial videos.

For example, check out his “neuro Harmor resampling” tutorial below:

Also, remember to check out his earlier tutorials as well. You’ll learn some awesome techniques!


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  1. It looks interesting and i think that learning this and having it as part of my knowledgebase would be good….many thanks for the link and videos Petri

  2. ModernRay on

    you are the best.. you have a very good sit.. thx very mach.

    I have one problem in fl studio….. the Mixer.. up to no i cant do a good mix to mi music.. I used Stillwell.Audio.All.Plugins.Bundle.VST..very good vst but I cant used them with the right way can u help me with this?.

  3. daniel garcia on

    well my question is how to make the simple sounds from this video, I mean if they are samples were can I find them? o how to make them, they are short and dry high toned basses I guess and they sound very cool I don’t know if you can answer my question.
    here is the video

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