Couple Of Ways To Get Bigger Bass


Couple Of Ways To Get Bigger Bass

Kim Lajoie’s blog is full of useful information and tips on audio production and in his latest update, Kim shares 6 easy to implement tips how to make your basses sounds fatter and bigger.

IMHO making the bass sound good is very very important in almost any musical style so I really recommend to check out the tips. 🙂


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  1. Max Golovanov on

    Personally, I have found Kim Lajoie’s tips about bass very knowledgeable & useful!

    Moreover, his blog is full of another interesting material that might appear helpful as well!

    THX for link, Petri!

    • np, Max!

      Yeah, Kim is a skilled professional – he really knows his stuff and I really like his approach on some of the audio production subjects.

  2. sir, i want to know that how to get a vocal form any song to remix it……means how to extract the vocal for production…..

    • there is a REALLY easy way to do this.
      Just ask the artist (the producer as well as the vocalist)

      i get them all the time and they rarely say NO.

      Instead of trying to figure out a “hacked” way of doing it, stop assuming a backdoor approach is the way.
      Just come right up and ask them for it.
      If they say no, then just move on. there are thousands of great vocalists to choose from

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