Hundreds Of Free Samples By Twisted Tools!


Hundreds Of Free Samples By Twisted Tools!

Twisted Tools offers a great set of free quality samples on their website. You’ll find tons of one hit drum and fx samples and also some loops. Great for all kinds of styles ranging from deep techno, to glitch to hip hop etc.

Check out the video below for some sound examples:

Download Free Twisted Tools Samples Here


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  1. Really really gud quality sound n nyc for one’s arsenal esp if one has less tym to tweak da equalizer settings.

    Lots o gratitude men

    • netopolis on

      is there any chance youll ever start talking like a normal person? each time i see your crazy (on purpose) typo’s i cringe.
      “tym” the hell you talkin bout?!?!

      Da = not a word
      o = not a WORD
      gud = not a word
      esp = not a word

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