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Loopport Beta Test Lots Of Free Sample Material

Loopport is a sample provider (drumloops, drum hits, music loops, bass loops, etc) which is currently in Beta stage. I’ve been contacted by the Loopport staff and they’re offering Beta test possibility for 100 people. Beta testing gives you an download access for their sample material.

You need to register their website  and you also need a Beta code (invitation code, valid for 100 users) which is: loopport26

Samples are royalty free for Beta testers meaning you can use them freely in your commercial or non-commercial productions.

My personal opinion about the samples are that the production quality is very nice and there’s definetely lots of useful material though some of the drumloops sound maybe a tad too ‘simple’ to my ears, but I think that’s just a matter of taste.

Go check them out!


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