Twisted Vocal FX And Live Tweaking In Ableton Live And FL Studio


Twisted Vocal FX And Live Tweaking In Ableton Live And FL Studio

In this Ableton Live -tutorial video Danny J Lewis (aka Enzyme Black) from Point Blank Online Music School shows how to create cool futuristic vocal effects using Ableton’s native plugins and how to tweak them live with a MIDI controller. Danny is also sharing his Ableton Live custom effects rack for this vocal fx for free so go check out the Point Blank Online blog and download the rack.

Check the video below:

This tutorial inspired me to look more into tweaking effect parameters live with a MIDI controller so I created an FL Studio video where I build an fx chain for twisting a vocal sample and then perform and record live tweaks with my MIDI keyboard (Oxygen 61). Its not the same effect what Danny did in his video, but something that remotely resembles it and should give you a pointer how you can use your MIDI keyboard for controlling effects live and turning a simple sound to something more complex. Check it below:


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  1. thanks a lott for making one for the FL camp. I really hate how we are always left out by these “pro” school tutorials. FL is the future

  2. Cool! BTW, I read on your facebook something about part 3 of the ambient and chill sounds tutorial. The first 2 have been amazingly good (The lush pad is absolutely beautiful, the soundspace is cool too), and I can’t wait for the 3rd part! When are you going to release that tutorial?

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