How To Make A Squeaky, Whiny, 303’ish Sound With 3xOsc

How To Make A Squeaky, Whiny, 303'ish Sound With 3xOsc

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a squeaky, whiny, a bit of 303’ish sound using 3xOsc and slide-notes. This is a sound that should fit in to all kinds of dance music.

Here’s an audio example:

Ok. Source of this sound is 3xOsc so go ahead and load it and select saw wave for each three oscillators and tune them down to -24 semitones.

3xOsc Saw

Assign the 3xOsc to a free mixer track and load Fruity Flanger to the 3xOsc effect slot. (Flanger is going to be used for adding a little swirling movement and a kind of ‘spatial depth’ to the sound.) Set the Fruity Flanger like shown in the pic below (refer to the FL Studio manual for in-depth explanation what each parameter does. TIP: press F1 when FL is open):

Fruity Flanger For Squeaky

Done. As you can hear there’s now that slow, swirly movement in it and it also sounds like it’s coming from a ‘can’ or something. (That’s what I meant about the ‘spatial depth’.) Usually, ‘canny’ sound is not so pretty, but in this example sound, it seems to be suitable (IMO).

Next, a bit of a distortion with Fruity Fast Dist (at this point you may also want to drop the volume level a little), so drop it next to the 3xOsc effect slot and choose B as the distortion type and turn the Pre amp to two o’clock:

Fruity Fast Dist For Squeaky

Next, load Fruity Parametric EQ 2 (PEQ2 is used here for boosting the upper mid range – for the bite). Boost the 2.8khz range by 10+dB with a bandwidth of 64%.

PEQ2 For Boosting The Squeaky

Ok. The sound is ready. Next step is to head to the Piano Roll and make it whine with the help of slide-notes so go ahead and open the Piano Roll view of the 3xOsc

You can see the slide-note selection button below the toolbar:


When you select a slide-note, the notes you add to the Piano roll becomes ‘slide-notes’. This makes the normal notes, above or below the slide-note, to slide to the pitch of the slide-note. The slide-time equals the duration of the slide-note.

Sliding Notes

Here’s the sequence I used in the example (you can also download the sequence as a score file at the end of this tutorial):

Whiny Squeaky Sequence

Now, if you want, you can enable the filter envelope in the 3xOsc for some filter action.

Setting Up The Filter Envelope

Use the AMT -knob to open/close the filter.

That’s pretty much it. Try tweaking the Fruity Flanger parameters to add a different kind of flavor to the sound.

The end.

Watch the video version below:

Download Squeaky Whiny FL Studio Project File (.flp) (Requires FL Studio 10.0.9 or later to open properly)

Download Squeaky Whiny Score (.fsc)


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  1. Nicholas on

    I’ve been wanting to know how to create this sound for at least a year, and then this comes along.
    I love you.

  2. Root Canal on

    Thank you !!!
    I will try to use this in my Gangnam style remix !!
    thanks a ton lovely sound !!

  3. I dunno why, but for some reason my slide notes are not making any sound in a pattern or in the song. If I play them on the keyboard, they work fine and they even slide correctly. This only happens if I make them slide notes. Is there something wrong with my slide or piano roll or what?

    • Hey Ross,

      Check these:

      in order to hear the slide, you first need to draw a standard note (non-slide note) in to your Piano Roll and then draw the slide-note above or below the standard note. After that, the standard note will slide to the pitch of the slide-note when you press play.

      Also, the slide notes wont work with 3rd party plugins – only, with FL Studio’s native plugins (such as 3xOsc).

      Let me know if you’re still having problems.

  4. Griizzliy on

    hey guys no matter what i do i can make it sound good, i mean i got al the right soudsn but its just dossnt soudn as good as this (its the melodi)

    feel free to pm me on youtube – GriizzliyLeGod
    i would love some help!!
    im a new producer, ive only been making music in like 2 months i think : )
    not really sure.


  5. Hi petri, myself Sajid , i need to know to how Dance genre lead tunes and drop bass, coz im very interested in it, would you help me please……

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