Review: Deep & Bass House By Sample Magic

Review: Deep And Bass House By SampleMagic

Sample Magic is one of the world’s leading sample vendors with a huge assortment of quality sample libraries for electronic music producers.

While ago, they released “Deep & Bass House” which is a comprehensive collection of loops, fx and drum hits for Deep House and Garage producers.

What’s included in the pack?

Drum Loops folder contains 40 deep big-room style drum loops at the tempo of 124bpm. In addition to the full drum loop, each loop is stripped into stems (top loop, percussion, hi-hats, etc) so in total there are 198 drum loops. The stems are handy as you can easily mix different loops together which makes it possible to create tons of different drum sequence variations.

There’s also extra 40 top loops (separate from the drum loops folder) to mix with a kick for an instant house beat.

Bass loops folder consists of 61 deep and dark key-labeled basslines. Also, MIDI versions of the grooves are included so you can import them into your DAW and use your favorite synth plugins and samples to play them back.

The Music Loops folder holds 51 song starters. There’s full, mixed version of the musical phrases and then there are stripped stems (bass, pads, arp, lead, etc) so in total there are 194 musical loops. These are an awesome kickstart for building your own musical ideas upon to. MIDI versions included.

Synth & Key loops folder has 59 chords, riffs, pianos, synths etc all in a flavor of deep house & garage. MIDI’s included.

Vocal loops section holds 20 heavily processed vocal phrases (key labeled as well).

There’s also a nice amount of one shot drums to build your own grooves from the ground to top or to mix with the loops. There’s 86 kicks (key labeled), 74 claps & snares, 50 percussion sounds, 70 hi-hats and 5 drum kits for Ableton, EXS24, Kontakt, Maschine 2 and NN-XT.

The FX folder holds 24 sound effects such as whooshes, sweeps, takeoffs etc.

So this thing is PACKED with material!

But how does the content sound like?

Looking at the production quality first – it’s top-notch. Clearly, this sample pack has been produced with some good gear and know-how in Deep House and Garage genres. Each sound and loop sounds polished and up to modern EDM standards. They are ready-to-go as-is to rock your track.

Personally, when I’m looking for a new sample pack, I usually check out the drums (loops and one-shots) first to measure the quality and trust me – Deep & Bass House IS quality. Everyone shot drum and top loop fits like a glove into this type of music. You’ll get a lot of that classic TR-909 sound, but with enough of ingenious production twists to still keep it fresh and interesting.

What about the musical material?

The Music Loops is one of my favorite sections of this sample pack. If you’re looking for a way to get to the vibe of Deep House/Garage style, this section is a goldmine. These are called ‘song starters’ and they will definitely get your creative juices flowing and give you a solid collection of ideas to build your own musical ideas upon to. And they are not cheesy at all!

I also liked the vibe of the Synth Loops very much. Those funky, filtered chords, plucks and stabs will immediately get you into the right state of house production mind.

And not forgetting the Bass Loops: these type of basses are very characteristic for Deep House and Garage. There’s lot of FM basses and filter wobbles and they offer a really good foundation for the rhythmic and low end sections of your house track.

As always with Sample Magic’s sample packs, diversity is also one of the strengths of Deep & Bass House. Even though it is aimed for a specific genre, the sample material holds a wide range of variation inside the genre. Very good!


Deep And Bass House is a must have for any nu school Deep House and Garage producer out there looking for that UK sound. Use these in your music and you’ll get that House vibe going on instantly!

Check the video below for some sound examples:

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Sample Magic is one of the world's leading sample vendors with a huge assortment of quality sample libraries for electronic music producers. While ago, they released "Deep & Bass House" which is a comprehensive collection of loops, fx and drum hits for Deep House and Garage producers. What's included in the pack? Drum Loops folder contains 40 deep big-room style drum loops at the tempo of 124bpm. In addition to the full drum loop, each loop is stripped into stems (top loop, percussion, hi-hats, etc) so in total there are 198 drum loops. The stems are handy as you can…




Really high quality collection of Deep House & Garage samples with nu school vibe!


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