How To Add Swing To Your Beats And Basslines

How To Add Swing To Your Beats And Basslines

FL Studio is full of neat little features to help make your sequences sound cool. One of such is the Swing -tool in the Step Sequencer (or groove templates in Piano Roll Quantizer).

In this quick tutorial I will show you how to easily make your beats and synth/basslines swing using the aforementioned features.

In the Step Sequencer, there’s a Swing -slider. Just adjust it to right to add swing to the sequences you have in Step Sequencer. I’ve found that values from 30% to 50% gives a nice swing to rhythm:

Using Swing In Step Sequencer

In Piano Roll, there’s a Quantizer tool. Press ALT+Q to open it and load a groove template (16_machine swing.fsc is nice for swing) and adjust the ‘Start Time’ for more/less swing:

Using Piano Roll Quantizer For Swing

That’s it – easy and effective! Now go and make some groovy music 🙂

Watch the video below:


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  1. JambouestioN on

    Great website!

    A question: when you work with swing is it necessary to swing everything in the whole song?

  2. Hi Petri,

    can you suggest me some of you tutorial regading in specific Tech house and hos to move the tension within the minutes? For example I always find pretty difficult to introduce a biginning sound that lead to the main sound after a minute or two. Any suggestions?
    I am watching your tutorial but I would like to do it in a sequencing manner following my needs. They are so many, ( considering also the ones from other preducers) that become difficult to set a way how to learn.

    Any how a big thank you for these tutorial, I have learned a lot through them.



  3. Kid Kali on

    Just have to give you such a big thanks brother for helping me out in so many questions, and i love the way that you do your videos/tutorials where its written down easy to read, since in my opinion is much easier to grasp the concept of whats going. Again keep it up your love for teaching/music is endless and not much people are like yourself now a days. Thank you so much! God Bless

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