Free Boi-1da Sound Kit! 272MB Of Samples!

Boi-1da Free Sample Kit

Boi-1da is a talented hip-hop producer from Canada. He has been producing music for such artists as Drake, Eminem, G-Unit, Kardinal Offishall and many others and is currently one of the hottest producers in  hip-hop industry. And what’s really cool is he’s using FL Studio!

And what’s even cooler is that he is offering 272MB of samples for free!

I just downloaded the sample pack and there’s over 1486 samples of total – tons of kick drums, snares, hihats, claps, etc.

Highly recommended download, even if you’re not into hip-hop!

Download Boi-1da Soundkit.


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  1. it sayz site is unda maintenance! i hope it comes up soon cuz im bout 2 start makin a hip hop track and i cud use some good samplz. by da way ur tuts r great Petri i take notes all da time. ive been makn music 4 //3yrs now and never new about all this stuff and im always experimentn, lol. keep up the great work mr. suhonen and i check ur music and its great! i liked the spanning tree ‘s musik 2. Sory bout typn im in a hurry, : ]

    • Hey Lonnie! Yeah, it seems to be still under maintenance.. hopefully it will be up soon cause the sample pack is a quality package.

      Also, thanks for checking teh tutorial – there’s more to come so keep an eye on the site.. 🙂

      See ya in the forum!

      • I can’t believe the site is still under maintenance. Petri, do you know of anywhere I can get this pack, or even packs similar?