How To Create A BOOOM Sound Effect In FL Studio

How To Create A BOOOM Sound Effect In FL Studio

If you want to add more ‘weight’ and dramatic impact to your breakdowns, use low boom explosion -type of sound effects. They are very easy to create yet effective and if you reverse it, you’ll get a nice ‘uplifter’ effect.

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a BOOOM sfx in FL Studio.

First, you need a simple kick drum – basic 909 kick will work just fine. Drop it to the Playlist and assign it to a free mixer track. Go to the Mixer and drop a Fruity Reeverb 2 to the kick drums fx slot. Choose a preset called ‘Large hall’ and set the Predelay to 0ms. Turn Decay to something quite long like 12 seconds:

Choose Kickdrum And Add Reverb

Drop a Fruity Free Filter to the kick drums fx slot. Choose Low Pass Filter (default) and turn the Q to zero and Cutoff Frequency to around 250-300Hz:

Use Free Filter With Low Pass Filter

Ok, it’s pretty much ready. Now, make a selection of few bars (just to let the long reverb tail to be played) and listen the end results:

Nice boom eh?

You can now record it to WAV (CTRL+R) so you can use it in your future projects. Just make a selection long enough so that the reverb tail will be fully recorded.

Here’s an additional tip: If you reverse it, you’ll get a nice uplifter. Reversing is easy. Just drop the recorded sound to the Playlist, double click it to open the Channel Settings and turn on the Reverse  under the ‘Precomputed effects’:

Reverse The Boom For Uplifting Effect

This is how it’ll sound (I just shortened it few bars as the reverb tail is quite long):

That’s about it.

Check the video:

Enjoy making your own boom effects! 🙂

Download FL Studio Project File Fro BOOOM Sfx


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  1. Lance (PsychoPathogen) on

    Hello, and thank you for that awesome tutorial on making the boom sound in fl studio. I am having a problem where every time I load my boom .wav sample into a project, it truncates the reverb tail, even thought the full wave shows up in edison. Do you know what could be causing that or what I’m doing wrong? For example I make a boom and the waveform looks like |||||iiii>>————, but every time it shortens it to look like ||||iii>> .

    Thank You.

  2. I just reviewed your web site, reviewed the tutorials (copied and pasted into Word and saved 🙂 ) … I have not yet tried, but I’m sure that will help me, but whatever was, thanks to such great effort to write just to make people like me can learn something from you … Keep on GOOD work(tutorials)… Thanks again…

    Now i’m going to read and try.

  3. Andrej Zalaznik on


    I love this site and all the tutorials, but since I use Ableton I find it hard to do some things as showed here. Does anyone know any similar sites like this? Would help a lot. Thanks!

  4. oh thanks man ua tutorials r clean n helped me alot thanks once again n make as many tutorial as u can cz der r lot of ppl like me who need ua help….!!! thanks alot

  5. its a nice fx, i like it, but here it sounds too low, can i mess with the freq to make the volume sound higher?

  6. Max Golovanov on

    Seems that I’m kinda late with comments but… Petri, THX a lot for this lesson!

    Amazing effect – works well for me!

    Especially good when I’m combining two effects in one – 1st is reversed boom that leads to normal boom with 2 ms delay – sounds very epic, I must say!

  7. sidfromtriggerhappycity88 on

    hi i got a problem with these boom sounds and impact kicks , when i put them in the mix you can barely hear them and turning the volume up is not working to good, does any body have a trick or a tip to help me with this not a lot of tutorials out there about this, thank you!!!!!

  8. I made the boom sound and it sounds really good but when i add to my song it kinda looses its value. Boom is played along with a release whoosh sound. What should I do??

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