50 Free Loops By Loopmasters

50 Free Loops By Loopmasters

Loopmasters is a top quality sample library provider. They have a HUGE collection of sample packs on tons of different genres. I’m a semi-regular customer of theirs and personally I have to say that I’ve found some of my most usable go-to sample packs via their online store.

With that said, here’s a total of 50 free WAV loops by Loopmasters for you to use in  your musical productions. I’ll introduce the packages (10 loops per package) one by one:

UPDATE: These loops are no longer free from Loopmasters.  You can still visit each page to find out more about each sample pack.  Enjoy!

Maximal Electro

Maximal Electro is a fresh collection of Twisted Electronic Textures, Glitches, Drums and Musical Loops which producers worldwide will find an essential resource when making Electro, House, Tech and Filtered Dance Music.

Dirty Dutch House

Dirty Dutch House has been inspired by the music of DJ Chuckie, Afrojack, Hardwell, LMOA, Sidney Samson, Bart.B.More, and Pitbull. The Dirty Dutch House sound has a harder electronic edge than other commercial House genres, and features edgy Drum Machine Beats, Side Chained Bass, 8 Bit Computerized Sounds and Lots of great FX.

Dub Tech

Dub Tech is a future-proofed collection of new sonic experiments which mix elements of House, Techno, Dub, Dubstep and Electronica. Inspired and influenced by the likes of Basic Channel, Beat Pharmacy, Fluxion, Deepchord, 2562, Martyn and many more – Dub Tech is a modern production tool featuring Deep Echoing Synths, Spaced Out Textures, Filtering Sweeps, Ambient Delays, Heavy Bass lines, Abstract Percussion and Dub-Techno Drum Loops.

Berlin Falling

Berlin Falling – a new sample pack with a fresh approach to the influences of  Berlins Music scene which moves away from the more minimal sounds and presents a Deep collection of chunky samples with will be appreciated by Producers of Deep House and Techno.

The pack was produced by Pablo Decoder, an influential artist who releases through his Minimal Kidz label which has enjoyed great success in recent years.

“Since I moved to Berlin i have been very influenced by the minimal vibes in every genre, from Dubstep to House. I left the ‘Techno’ behind a while ago but still loving the big drums and sub which I try always to keep always on my productions.

Deep house and Deep techno are right now my most interesting genres.  Labels like Frontroom, Rushhour or UK based Freerange have been on my top list for a few years and recently fell in love with all Wolf + Lamb releases.

On this sample pack I have kept a mix of different Deep and Peak Time Grooves and also added some different analog textures.” – Pablo Decoder

Fracture Cosmic Drum & Bass

Cosmic Drum & Bass is an adventure into the underworld of Drum & Bass from one of the masters of his art form – Fracture.

Producers of Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat and Alternative Electronic Styles should expect an all out aural assault in this collection of Heavyweight Bass, Beats and FX.  With Split and Layered Bass Loops, Divided into Mids, Tops and Subs, Heavy Twisted Growling Bass Lines, Electric Melodic Reversed and Mangled Guitar Loops,  Floating Spooky Underwater sounding Pads, and Atmospheric Synths make this a unique addition to any progressive or Underground Drum and Bass Producers sound collection!


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