93 Free Minimal, Glitch And Texture Samples By Spunkface

93 Free Minimal, Glitch And Texture Samples By Spunkface

EDIT: Spunkface Samplers no longer exists.  Their domain has been taken over by an adult website.  Please do not visit their site.  If you’re looking for other good FREE samples, check out our Freebies section, or check out Loopcloud (300 FREE samples when you sign up)

Guys at the Spunkface Samplers have been busy in the studio for putting together quality sample packs. Here’s six freebie packs & ‘tasters’ containing total of 93 free loops and single hit samples focusing on Minimal Techno & Glitch. You’ll also find a handful of textures.

Here’s an introduction to the sample packs one by one.

Mnml Tops 1

Spunkface Samplers Mnml Tops 1

Mnml Tops 1 includes 14 floor shaking Minimal Techno Top loops. You only need a kickdrum and you’re ready to move the floor. Each loop features some unique processing to help your productions stand out.

Download Mnml Tops 1

Mnml Tech Drums 1

Spunkface Samplers Mnml Tech Drums 1

Mnml Tech Drums 1 FREE package has a 12 Minimal Techno  loops and single hit samples. There’s also full package which has 150+ deep pumping minimal techno beats plus 135 chunky drums hits that allows you to create your own loops.

Download Mnml Tech Drums 1 Free Package

Glitch & Clicks

Spunkface Samplers Glitch And Clicks

Glitch & Clicks includes 21 single hit glitch & click samples for adding some extra bit of ‘weirdness’ to your tracks.

Download Glitch & Clicks

Mnml Perc

Spunkface Samplers Mnml Perc

Mnml Perc has 20 Minimal percussion hit samples with a organic feel. These are sampled from various household items and manipulated to fit in the minimal genre though these can be used in any genre.

Download Mnml Perc

Minimal Techno (premium)

Spunkface Samplers Minimal Techno Premium

Miniml Techno (premium) freebie pack has 16 slick minimal loops and single hit samples. Full package has a lot more.

Download Minimal Techno (premium) Freebie Pack

Textures 2

Spunkface Samplers Textures 2

Textures 2 is a collection of 10 lush organic textures full of life and movement. Designed to fit subtly into the underbed of your productions – this gives your music an added emotion and presence.

Download Textures 2

That’s it. Enjoy the Spunkface samples! 🙂


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    THank You very much.. these sounds will do wonders for getting a buddy of mine started in his production ventures!


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