How To Make Your Own Drum Kits From Loops

How To Make Your Own Drum Kits From Loops

Drumloops are useful in many different ways. They can be used to spice up your musical productions as is, but they’re also an awesome source for creating your own drum kits.

With FL Studio and Edison it’s very easy to edit, cut and save all the individual drum sounds from loops and start building your own collection of drum kits and use them to make your own beats.

In this short tutorial I will show you how to do it in Edison.

First thing to do is to load Edison and pick a nice drumloop from your sample collection and drop it to Edison:

Open Edison And Drag A Drumloop To It

Select a region around the kick drum and press End button in your computer keyboard to zoom in to the selected region:

Select A Region

In the zoomed area, fine tune the selection to make it start exactly where the kick drum start and end where it ends:

Zoom In And Fine Tune The Selected Region

If you want, you can normalize the selected region. After that, press Alt + M to set markers around the selected region and name it as you wish. This is very handy feature when you’re “ripping” individual drum sounds from loop as you can export multiple marked regions automatically as individual samples all at once.

Press Alt M To Set Markers Around Selected Region

Do the same for the other drum sounds such as hihats and claps as well:

Isolate And Select The Other Drum Sounds

After that, export the regions as WAV for common use:

Export The Regions As WAV For Common Use

It’s best to save them to a folder that you can locate easily via the FL Studio Browser to pick them up and load to your projects:

Export The Samples To A Location You Can Find Easily

Now, navigate to the folder where you saved the samples via FL Studio Browser:

Navigate To The Samples Folder Via FL Studio Browser

Drag the samples to a sampler channel and start building your own beats:

Drag The Samples To- A Sampler Channels And Start Building Beats

Keep doing this. In time you are going to have a HUGE collection of drum samples. And net is FULL of free drumloops so you’ll never run out of sample material. Then start to mix up them: use different sounds from different drum kits as you build your beats and you come up with some very interesting drum sound variations.

Happy sampling!

(Thanks to Warbeats for the inspiration!)


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  1. Very cool!
    We should make some drum kits and share them πŸ˜€ They would have to be from free sampled loops though right?

    • Yes, Jon πŸ™‚ Although I’ve seen some professionals sampling and doing the same for some commercial records, but I’m not so sure about the legality of that 8)

  2. Akintola Alex 'Seyi on

    Hello, I’m a fan of FL Studio and electronic music but I’m limited to a demo version of FL Studio 12. These means I can never work on an inspiration then save to continue later.
    Just a license key is all that is required. πŸ™ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ 😎

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