Additive Table Synth | Free VSTi By Angular Momentum

Additive Table Synth Free VSTi By Angular Momentum

This two oscillator wave table synth by Angular Momentum has been around for a while, but I decided to post it here because it’s kinda nice VSTi for leads, pads, bells and all the basic stuff.

Here’s some details (quote from Angular Momentum website):

Additive Table Synth is a 2 oscillator wave table synth. The wave tables are made from combinations of segments generated by mathematical functions. This synth comes with a huge range of wavetable waveforms and is very useful for pads and leads. The step sequencers give extra depth into your sound. Nice effects section included to finish this synth off. This VSTi was made with the help of Leif Oddson. This VSTi is offered as freeware and can be used in commercial productions without any restrictions.


  • 2 x Additive Wavetable Osc
  • 2 x Overtone Scaler
  • 2 x Wavemixer
  • 2 x ADSR
  • 2 x Filter ADSR
  • 2 x SV Filter
  • 2 x Filter Step Sequencer
  • Delay, Chorus and Reverb
  • 64 Patches
  • 32 voice

Check the video below for some sound examples:

Download Additive Table Synth By Angular Momentum


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  1. Man…your site is wicked. Not just talkin about this plugin, but the whole thing. So awesome man. Appreciate it!