FL Studio Quick Tip: Export Your Project To Zipped Loop Package

FL Studio Quick Tip Export Your Project To Zip

When you create an FL Studio project which uses a third party samples, it’s best to export it to a Zipped loop package, so finally, all your samples and the project file will be archived in a Zip file.

Why’s that?

When you export it to a “Zipped loop package”, FL Studio will automatically export all the samples with it.

This is a very handy feature to keep your FL projects and samples in safe as it may happen that you accidentally delete the folder where your samples originally reside or your hard drive may crash, etc.

Also, if you want to share your FL Studio project files with other FL Studio users and you’re using third party samples, they can’t open it properly if they don’t have exactly the samples as you’re using.

But you can solve this problem by exporting your project to .zip.

So how do you export your project to .zip then?

Just go to File then to Export and choose “Zipped loop package…” and you’re done! (see the picture below).

FL Studio Export Zipped Loop Package

That’s it for now. 🙂


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  1. Hans Johansen on

    Thank you! it’s amazing how many time i really have deleted an folder, or done an reformat of my harddrive, and then saving the FL-project files, but forgetting the samples ive used. Gonna do this in the future:)

  2. Sim brodsky on

    Thanks Petri for all your help and godsent tutorials. You helped me so much with producing music.
    You’re a real gamechanger for me!
    And just btw… you have so much talent with electronicc music. Everyone on earth would scream your name if you produced your tracks on a professional level. Please do! For us all

  3. This is a good feature, but why cant FL studio allow you easily open the zipped file by right clicking the way you do .flp files?

  4. I’m using FL Studio11 32 bit on a 64bit windows and yes I find the zip function as a handy tool but any time I use more than one wave fx on it, it doesn’t zip.

  5. for some reason I can’t select that in my computer, do you have any idea how to export zip in the demo version?

  6. Emma Kay on

    after exporting my project to zipped, were exactly will that zipped project will be saved to??