Extractor | Free Additive Synthesizer

Extractor Free Additive Synthesizer

Here’s a free additive synth for your VST plugin collection: Extractor by miniSoftMusic. I’m liking this thing – thanks to it sequencer, it’s pretty easy to create those 303 style and other sequences.

Here’s some details:

  • Additive synthesizer
  • 4 oscillators
  • Waveforms can be extracted from WAV files
  • Step sequencer for note, attack & decay
  • High quality chorus effect
  • 21 presets

Check the video for some sound examples:

Download Extractor


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  1. Tried a number of different sites for this but I guess it’s disappeared.

  2. Yeah…I looked allover as well. Seems like nobody ever made a backup of the file or is even willing to share it if they have it. The Dev behind it has the website which is KVR but the link is broken and looks like the file was thus removed at some point for some unknown reason.