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  1. Hello Petri!
    Have to thank you again, always wanted to know the trick to use reverse build-up crash. and here it is!
    Thank you!

  2. Max Golovanov on

    Hi, Petri!

    I’ve to say that this is another FAT tutorial!

    Of course I used to know how to put reversed crash cymbals for build-ups before but your tutorial is a ‘forward step’ in this deal.

    BTW, trick to use delay is awesome – I was sure that this could be done only with side chain, but no )))

    THX a lot!

  3. thanks a lot. i have been using delay to extend my crash but haven’t found a good setting. thank you so much much for this video.

  4. paramjit singh on

    ralyy good tutorial i really apprct…….thnx buddy… now plz tell me how to make basic basses for giving background.. in running beats

  5. Super old tutorial so you may not see this but this was the perfect solution for my new track to connect to the next section. Cheers. I’ve heard this in so many songs but never figured out how to achieve the same results.

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