Good Free Limiter Plugin For Mastering

Good Free Limiter Plugin For Mastering

I just stumbled on a good quality free mastering limiter plugin by Jeroen Breebaart. It’s called a Barricade Pro and it might very well become your next go-to tool for all your limiting needs – such as loudness maximizing.

Here’s an example audio clip. I used one of the Barricade Pro presets to “squash” the dynamics of my beat (yes, trying to compete on the “loudness war”).

First, my beat WITHOUT any limiting:

And same clip WITH the Barricade Pro limiting applied:

Yes yes, maybe not the greatest audio example, but you got the idea…

You can download the plugin on Jeroen Breebaart’s plugin page. It comes as part of a bundle of plugins.

Installation is simple: just unpack the .zip file as is to your default vst plugins folder and if you’re using FL Studio, re-scan your plugins folder and it should appear in the list.

Download Here


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  1. After trying to compete for years I feel pretty relieved that the loudness war will be over soon. I was at a party half a year ago and I couldn’t dance anymore, because the music had no punch at all. It was all one fat sausage, no fun, and it didn’t make any sense at all. I think we should leave it to the DJ to decide how loud he wats his set to be. And keep the punch! 🙂

  2. Kopacetic on

    I’m going to try this out. But I was wondering, can you sidechain using this limiter? like you would using Fruity Limiter.

  3. This is quite cool for a free limiter. And the fact you also have the K system in it is great, Also found using it at the end of a chain can stop ISP’s happening when mastering.

  4. Is this possibly still available? I can’t seem to download the bundle from that link, Jason. Thanks in advance.

  5. The link takes me somewhere else. Is there any way this is still available? please 🙂

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