How To Create Dirty Electro Bass From Snare Using Direct Wave

How To Create Dirty Electro Bass From Snare Using Direct Wave

This tutorial video isn’t mine. I got the link from one of my website readers (thanks Jon!), but I decided to post it here because it’ll introduce a clever little idea how you can create a a dirty electro bass using snare sample and DirectWave.

Check the video:

If you don’t have DirectWave, you can use Edison. Just open a snare sample, make a selection (make it short), press ALT+L to loop it, CTRL+A to select the whole sample and use the drag button to drag it to a Sampler channel and in the Sampler channel settings, click on ‘Use loop points’ and you’re set.

Thanks to locustt1 for the video!


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  1. Awesome! This really put an interesting sound to the bass. I’ve had a hard time making a simular sound with 3xOsc.


  2. Hey man!

    I’ve been mailing some with you, so thats me haha.

    When I try to use the sampler option in DirectWave, I’ll get: this feature is not available in DirectWave”

    Any ideas what it could be ?

    • Hi Michael,

      Do you have a demo version of the DirectWave? Im not sure though, but it might be one of the demo limitations..(?)

  3. Max Golovanov on

    I’ve just come back from my vacation & first thing I’ve done on my PC was this amazing tutorial – OMG, 2 minutes of work & it started to sound exactly like at video!!!

    Can’t believe how simple it was to create such a complex electro bass! Smart idea, indeed!

    Many THX for sharing this cool tip, Petri!

  4. I tried to use this technique but it has some limits in my point of view.
    For example, the section of the sample you chose has a tuning of its own and must be manually re-tuned by ear with the 440 Hz frequence (it can be heard directly by activating it from the VST’s GUI) in order to keep it in harmony with the other instruments you might want to use.
    Anyone knows a faster and hopefully more precise way to tune it?

  5. hello petri . i am new to this website and i should say i pretty much read almost everything here and i should say this is one of the best informative website i ever seen
    i have few questions to you is there any way to connect you ?

  6. This. Is. Awesome! You can turn a simple snare sample into piano, guitar, house-ish pluck/stab, you name it! Aivan mahtavat sivut =)

  7. Hey

    Great tutorial. It sounds really good but how does he make it in a beat with a melody?
    I think it has something to do with the Bass MIDI he mentioned at the start. How do I create that?

  8. SilverKontagion on

    great tutorial but i can’t make the same bass like he. i obtain only a boring noise. can u explaim me how to make that electro bass? pls