How To Create Dirty, Powerful Electro Bass Sound

How To Create Dirty, Powerful Electro Bass Sound

Yes, it’s a bass tutorial once again :). The thing is, cool sounding bass is like half the track in many EDM genres. When you have an interesting bass sound, even a very simple and monotonous sequence may sound awesome with it.

With that said, I’m going to show you how you can create a dirty, “pressurized” sounding powerful electro bass with FL Studio’s native plugins. Here’s a sound example:

Ok. Start by loading a 3xOsc and select saw wave as a oscillator shape for each three oscillators and turn the Coarse Tune to -24 semitones for each.

3xOsc For Power Bass

Next, the fx chain.

Firstly assign the 3xOsc to a free mixer track and drop a following effects to the fx slot (in a following order): Soundgoodizer, Fruity Phaser, Fruity Flanger, Fruit Fast Dist, Fruity Reeverb 2 & Vocodex:

Power Bass Fx Chain

First, the Soundgoodizer. Its here to quickly “intensify” the sound. Set it like this:

Soundgoodizer For Power Bass

Next, drop a Fruity Phaser to the fx chain and load a preset “Stereo Enhance 2”. This’ll widen the sound stereo image a bit and adds a subtle vibration to it:

Fruity Phaser For Power Bass

Next in line, Fruity Flanger and choose a preset “DistoChorus”:

Fruity Flanger For Power Bass

Now, Fruity Fast Dist (for some dirt). Set the Distortion Type to B and drop the Post Gain a little:

Fruity Fast Dist For Power Bass

Next, Fruity Reeverb 2. Switch on the Tempo-based Predelay, set the Predelay to 2:00, High-cut to OFF, Diffusion to 50, High damping OFF and Wet level to 24%:

Fruity Reeverb 2 For Power Bass

And finally, the Vocodex. Instead of using it for actual vocoding, I’ll just use it for “shaping” the example sound.

First, you might want to turn off the Draft mode (though the Draft mode is there to save some CPU). The reason for this is when you render Vocodex processed audio to .WAV it will sound quite different than what you hear live as the Draft mode will be disabled automatically when rendering.

Next, Turn the Band width to 400%, set the Order to 1, Hold to 250.00ms, Attack to 0.00ms and Release to 0.00ms:

Fruity Vocodex For Power Bass


For further tweaking, automate the 3xOsc Channel Pitch movements for some cool pitch slide effects:

Power Bass Pitch Sliding

The end. 8)

Watch the video version below:

Download Dirty Powerful Electro Bass .FLP File


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  1. Thanks for this. I layered it with changed pitches for a wide sound. Might try and make this into a track

  2. Thanks a lot, I always believed FL studio is the best all i need is learn more and be creative.

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    Petri, your tutorials have helped me make better music. I love your tutorials and I love your website.
    Hope you never stop making tutorials.
    I do have a question though, does IMAGE LINE know about you, cause you’re really talented and can help alot of FL Users get better at making music.
    Anywho, that was awesome how you used Vocodex to shape that sound! never knew you could do that! 😀

  4. Alex Dickson on

    Hey just to let you guys know the dates on the website is off by about a month or two…

    -Written on 4/15/2012

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    Luxury bass!

    Petri, you’re the genius! Keep it up & MANY THX!!!!

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  10. Nice Bass! Thanks for the tutorial. Could I use the synth settings in the .flp file in a commercial project?

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