How To Make A Kick Drum In FL Studio Quickly And Easily

How To Make A Kick Drum In FL Studio

If your sample collection lacks a simple and pure kick drum which has no extra noise or effects, watch out this tutorial: I’ll show you how you can quickly create your own kick drum in FL Studio using a FLS native generator plugin called Fruit Kick.

Here’s an example:

Alright, let’s get on to it asap: first, load the Fruit Kick to your project. You will find it under the Channels -> Add One…

If you wan’t a same kind of kick like in the example clip, tweak the Fruit Kick parameters as shown in the pic below:

Fruit Kick Settings

These settings create a nice, basic, clicky kick drum which should work well in a progressive house for example.

For further processing, assign the Fruit Kick to a free Mixer track and use Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to shape the frequencies:

EQ Settings For Fruit Kick

If you wan’t to shape the kick even more, try compression (I didn’t use compression in the example kick though).

That’s it. Quick and easy! 🙂

Watch the video below to hear how the different parameters in Fruit Kick affect to the sound.

Below, you can download the preset file for the Fruit Kick. After downloading, just double click it to open:

Download Preset For The Fruit Kick (.FST file)

And here’s the .FLP file where the Fruit Kick is assigned to a Mixer track and the kick is processed with PEQ2 – exactly like in the example:

Download The .FLP File For The Kick (requires FL Studio 10.0.9 or later)


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  1. Max Golovanov on

    Short & smart tutorial, as always!

    Though you can program complex layered kick drums in Sytrus, Fruity Kick stays the simplest & fastest way to make a kick drum in a few seconds from scratch.

    THX for remind, Petri! (Almost forgot about this little FL native plugin)

    • Thank you, Max! Actually, I haven’t used it much either, but while looking for an ideas for a new tutorial, I kind of stumbled on it and it turned out to be a very handy little tool for pure kicks 😎

  2. very nice man! quick and simple! would love a tutorial for trance with a tight kick&bass!

    • Vigilance on

      Most Hardstyle Kicks are basic 909’s with a hell of a lot of distortion, EQ and Compression (Usually, Distortion, EQ, Distortion, EQ, Compression – most producers send a really long time on their kicks, it isnt a little trick that can be learnt overnight, experiment with distortion and such on a 909 – The kick in this tutorial might be a good start)

    • Add some of the Fast Distortion, and edit with EQs and bitcrushers. It’s a little hard to do it right, though.

  3. This is a great tutorial; if you want your kick to sound more like a Deadmau5 style kick, then put a Fast LP on it. Increase the resonance and turn down the cutoff until it sounds nice.

  4. Hey Petri,

    pretty good stuff around here, i’m using most of it in my tracks, expecially the risers are done pretty well, respect!

    Could you eventually do a tutorial about how to make Progressive goa? Just the basics like Bassline, synth melodies & nice clear & deep bass sounds.

    btw sorry 4 my bad english, i’m from switzerland ;D

    Keep it up!

  5. Real nice tutorial! just out of curiosity, which plug-in do you use for tuning your kicks Petri?

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