Markus Hakala’s Kicks All In One: 500 Free Kicks In Total!

Markus Hakala's Kicks All In One 500 Free Kicks In Total!

Still looking for good quality kick drums? Well look no more! With the permission of Markus Hakala, I gathered all of his awesome kick drum samples into one, single package. So in total, this pack contains 500 free wall shaking, powerful and punchy kick drums. It should keep you satisfied for a loooong time! 😎

All the kicks are produced by Markus Hakala (remember to check out his SoundCloud and Facebook pages). The samples are in 24 bit WAV format, tuned into key (and labeled after it), royalty free and you’re free to use them in your commercial or non-commercial musical productions.

Check below for a handful of audio examples:

Download the package below:

Enjoy the samples!


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  1. HeartlessPath on

    Hello Petri!

    I have been reading from your site for a couple of months now, looking up tutorials and tricks. This is the first comment I’ve left on the site. How To Make Electronic Music is single-handedly the greatest site for electronic music tuts. I also love that you recommend VST synth & effects plugins, and hunt down all these free (royalty free) samples for us.

    I am mainly producing both Regular and Electro House music, and 3xOsc is usually my leading synth. Are there any plugins or effects you recommend (preferably free) to do House bass, chord stabs, or leads? (I have seen your tutorials on all three of those things, just wanting to expand beyond that to learn even more :D)

    It is a great help to everyone, especially people like me who are getting into the industry. Your site has been a great source of information! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for all the help you offer on!

    P.S. Where do you find all these plugins, effects and samples? Do you happen to use I heard it’s pretty rad, but I’ve never used anything except FL Studio synths lol.

  2. how can i download this package kicks …. everytime i try to download it. it sends me to another website. am i doing somthing wrong?

  3. Waw La Verdad Me eh enamorado
    de tus tutoriales son tan claros
    Tengo casi 2 años de dj
    & como 6 meces en esto de producción
    & tan solo eh aprendido de tutoriales aun que es
    dificil encontrar buenos tutoriales
    la verdad esta pagina me ah dejado con la boca abierta 😀
    Muchas gracias por la ayuda
    Tan solo eh visto 2 tutoriales tuyos
    Pero creeme
    que ahora me volvere algo asi como un fan de ella
    Gracias hermano
    La vida es musica & la musica es compartir les digo yo a mis
    Gracias por compartir tan buenos consejos ;D

  4. ,,good quality kick drums´´

    everyone can say that, some infos would be great what kind of gear were used and so on…

  5. if there are no infos about the sample source its to risky to use them

    • No risk at all.
      Count how many ppl made 808-909-303 banks and sell them…they don’t pay a single dime to Roland if they don’t use their product’s name in their own product’s name.
      Even drum loops are over-used on countless records…not a single person paid back as far as i know.

      With melodies or full parts, it is another story…

      Vengeance started making money with kicks riped from other artists records…we all know he is not in jail 😉

  6. Markus Hakala on

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for the feedback. The kicks are made on scratch. And when I am saying that they are made on scratch, I mean they are synthesized. Simple sine wave, which is pitched to some key. Like G-note is 49hz, A-note is 55 hz, and so on. Everyone can do it. Example, take a look at infected mushroom kick drum tutorial. That shows you how to make a kick, or at least body for it. Then they are layered to other sounds, like noise, hihats and percussions – what ever sounds good. Usually, your mind should tell you what the kick / sound needs!

    And the last, there is huge amount of FX prosessing, testing, tuning, testing, tuning and even more trial and error. Usually, after 30-60min of tuning and testing, you have a one kick. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes not. Some things, like FX’s prosessing, I want keep in secret, as it took a long time to learn it. You know.

    And about my gear? Well, do I have it? I mean, I just have fast pc, with crappy m-audio keystation 49, saffire LE soundcard and couple of headphones. That’s it. I don’t even own monitors 😛 Of course, the FL Studio is heart of my “studio”. But, what I need to say? I don’t have any gear!! If you want, you can donate some money to me, so I can buy more gear, like monitors 😀

    But seriously, my kicks are made fully on software based processing, and there is nothing special or “risky” about them. If you like my kicks, feel free to use them. They are totally royalty free and you can use them much as you want. If you don’t like them, no one doesn’t force you to use them 😉

    Sorry for my bad english!

    • winshkraft beat on

      Markus. Wow, u sound so professional. I can’t imagine someone using just those few items u mentioned to do a lot. I bookmarked ur page. I’m challenge. I will be learning a lot from u. But I use logic pro 9. How can u assist me wit advice on my synths and Fx? Its a great software but I’m short of synths and FX for house mix and dance. Thanks I wait for ur Reply

    • Big thanks for the awesome kicks!
      But I think many people have the same problem here. How do you play any of your samples on FLstudio? When I drag your sample to sequencer/sampler there is no graphical wave displayed or sound heard…

    • I managed to download the files and they play just fine when I preview the kicks in Quicktime player…but when I try to load them into my DAW (Reason), it says the files are unsupported. This seems to be happening to a lot of people. Can somebody please shed some light, it would such a shame to let these kicks go to waste!!!

  7. Hola y gracias por aportarnos tus conocimientos en la informática musical,los tutoriales son maravillosos, super bien explicados y sobre todo muy profesional,,mil gracias y sigue siendo tan explicativo en el conocimiento de la musica electronica.

  8. Hay I need Some loops. Pls. I need That loops indian djs are use that loops there song. plz chack

  9. winshkraft beat on

    I use logic pro 9 and I’m short of synths and FX for Dance and House mix. Anyone on here to assist?

  10. Pexzektor on

    Hey Petri!! Thanks a lot for this website, I’m about to get on the music production and this is really helpful.

    The point of this comment is that I cant use the kicks, I’ve downloaded it, extracted it and played it on the windows media player and its all right trough this point. But when I try to use any of them on a project, the kick doesn’t make sound at all, this happens with everyone of them. Help please! I want to use some of this great stuff


  11. When I try to Import these to FL studio, nothing happens. No sound plays. They work outside FL. Help!

  12. when i download it opens in note pa. is that suppose to happen??? help! ;o

  13. lorenz blasius on

    Hey (i´m sorry my english isnt good)
    i´m a great fan of your tutorials!

    would you do a tutorial where is explained how to produce music like gregor tresher?

  14. Blaine Durham on

    So far, the only way I could get one of these samples to work in FL was to open it in audacity and export the sound as a 16 bit wav. Is there another way to get these samples to work without having to convert them?

    • Hey Blaine,

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with the kicks. I really don’t know what’s causing it..

      I’m not sure if it matters, but are you using Winrar to unpack the sounds?

      • I think the problem is that in general the fl studio just read 32bit wav format.

  15. Great pack of kicks but strangely enough, when I add the folder to my Fruity Loops library, I get no sound when trying to preview the kick nor when I add to a channel. I’ve added the Wave Alchemy samples, which work fine, but this on doesn’t seem to be working strangely enough. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Thanks ahead of time!

  16. grant stanley on

    Thanks for kicks. I have been searching for good kicks. Busy downloading now and will give feedback on this. Thanks again

  17. Adam Weiss on

    Well people – as most of you know Markus is also a great Artist producing some refined tunes over last years.So be kind and show your support for that great guy who he is and go into his websites and follow him.And as a half of Dark Architects duo I’m proud to use what he has to offer.Cheers.

  18. Great job, these kicks sound great! 🙂 But I would like to know why Mr. Markus Hakala has made so much work with doing this as I can download this completely for free.

  19. yanismild on

    Thanks mate for the massive high quality Kick it’s very nice 😉 to shared this !!!

  20. Thanks for getting us all these free samples. I like a lot of bass sounds in my songs, and I always try to get a really good kick sound, as they are, at least when I’m making them, important in my songs. Can’t wait to test them out.

  21. Thank you so much, it is so useful to have an excellent and good range of kicks.

  22. The download keeps showing as a .rar file and only pulling up a bunch of code. No zip files or anything. Something’s weird without the dl link. Tried “Save Link As” as well.

    • Hey Jon,

      Are you able to download the .rar file to your desktop?

      Also, what unpacking software are you using? Can it handle .rar files?

  23. Abelistist on

    Well, for me am just new to the music production industry but am here to help someone that said the kick sample couldnt open on his DAW, okay, just try converting the file sample into a ‘WAV’ format and then try it again. Hope that helps…

  24. 808start on

    i downloaded the kicks and when i try to open them it opens a blank fl studio project template and i cant find where to access the kicks in fl. can anyone help me? im just rather new at this.

  25. Hi there..
    I have just download the sample and import it to the FL studio but it can’t work at all, which mean there is no sound come out when I click the sample. Can you help me solve my problem..? Im still using FL studio version 8, thanks.

  26. Unbeliever on

    Hi everyone,

    This is a great collection, and brilliant that the samples are tuned and have their rootnote in the filename. I’ve got loads of kicksamples, and finding the right one in the right tune is a nightmare at times.

    To speed up working with them, I’ve compiled them in a TX16Wx sampler bank. It has 7 programs, containing tuned samples. the programs hold all 500 samples, divided in F, F#, G, G#, A, A#/B/C, D/D#/E. Since A#,B,C,D,D# and E were not so many samples, I’ve grouped them in two programs.

    To me this will be my goto ‘Kickmachine’ from now on!

    TX16Wx is an absolutely marvelous freeware fullblown sampler. If anyone is interested, and if Markus Hakala has no objections, I’m willing to provide the TX16Wx bank for anyone who wants it. Just let me know, and please let me know if it’s ok.

    kind regards, Frank

    PS: No problems whatsoever with the samples in FL Studio. They just work. I’m using v 11.1.1 on 64 bit Win7.

  27. photonboy on

    Thanks for the kicks.

    Also, Unbeliever, I’d use your TX16Wx bank. Link it?

  28. Hey Guys. Can someone tell me why I cannot load these Samples into Traktor? Thanks allot

  29. Hi I saw a video where the guy uses these samples on logic pro x can i load them onto logic? and if I can i don’t know where to find them