Minimogue Free And Fat Sounding Virtual Minimoog

Minimogue Free Virtual Minimoog

Just stumbled on this really good and fat sounding free VSTi called Minimogue by Glen Stegner.  It’s a virtual Minimoog for all your pure bass, lead and fx sounds. I haven’t heard the real Minimoog in action, but I’m pretty sure the Minimogue isn’t far away from the real thing!

Absolutely recommended download.

Check the video for some sound examples:


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  1. Agreed! I’ve seen alot of people use minimogue’s and have heard alot of good stuff. I will have to check it out for sure! Love free stuff 😀

  2. Markus Nyman on

    Minimogue sounds good, but so do a lot of other VST synths. The sound is nothing exceptional. However, after trying some two hundred softsynths, I have come to the conclusion that Minimogue (especially MM Luxus) is a true musical instrument with superb expressive capabilities. It has all the essential features I expect from a synth, and it implements aftertouch, which is not uncommon in keyboard controllers, but a true rarity among softsynths.

    • Yea, not all of the expensive commercial softsynths dont have the aftertouch, and this ones free and has it… which is actually amazing!

  3. TheFugue on

    YES, i’ve been looking for a Moog emulator ever since I saw the first ever Moog at a garage sale. this emulates the sound very very well 😀