Mixing Tip: Use High Pass Filter To Clean Up Your Mix

Mixing Tip Use High Pass Filter To Clean Up Your Mix

High pass filter (or low cut filter) should be one of the most basic and essential EQ tools in your mixing arsenal. It’s a way to clean up your mix and / or to make the most important elements (such as kick and bass in EDM) to really stand out from the rest of the material.

To get the idea what I’m talking about, watch these two video tutorials below. The first video is made by a Robert Anthony Perez from AudioTuts and the second video is from The Recording Revolution’s mixing video tips series.

In FL Studio, using high pass filter is simple: just load a Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to your Mixer track(s), load a preset ’40Hz cut’ and set the frequency to wherever you wan’t to start the cutting (usually around 150-300Hz, but of course, that depends on your audio material).

PEQ2 High Pass Filter

The end. Hopefully these tips came useful to you. 😎


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      • Hello Petri , I have a question for you. I’m beginner in audio production and I’d like to know how software is the better FL studio or Pro Tools ? Thanks.

        • Little late on this, hopfully it helps – I would say right out of the box FL is better than ProTools for those interested in making dance music. I have never used FL, but it seems to be at the top of the list (I use Ableton, extreamky powerfull and use to use Logic). On that note its all about the DJ, not the horse – so someone really proficient in the art of making dance music, will most likley be able to bang out tracks on any DAW.

          Now days Pro Tools is an industry standard for multitrack recording, A/V post, you see the high end version in most all pro studios.

    • Rajib Purkayastha on

      What is the individual level of a track .when mix a song.against vocal track.pls sir tell me.

  1. Hi, great tutorial man.

    Sometimes I use the low pass with an high pass, it’s correct in your opinion?

    • Hey Giz,

      You’re talking about band bass filter right? The thing is, if you can make your audio sound good with it, it’s correct! What really counts is the end result 😎

  2. Dj Dirty SA on

    Hi Petri! I use a lot of string patch in my songs and im using fl studio and would like them to sound better what plug-in can i use to make them sound nyc and the ideal settings for that plug-in.

  3. Hey Petri 😀

    good to virtually see you again!

    Anyhow, I have a question about these high pass filters. I’m toying around with a new project and I’m trying to implement everything I’ve been learning from you ( as well as other people you’ve suggested ) and sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed and tend to confuse things up in my head lol! Well, when I returned to this post in particular, I noticed that the pictures of the filters on your site and the others have basically one curve going down doing the cutting off. Then the rest seems to ‘flat line’ the rest of the way out.<–is THAT the way its supposed to be done using this method? The reason why I'm asking is because when I made mine, for some reason I thought I was supposed to cut at both ends ( highs and lows ) … I know you're probably gonna tell me what ever sounds best is the right way, but I'm just asking for reference sake so I have a more solid platform knowledge wise to start from, and from there I can attempt to 'fine tune' things.

    Thank you as always and I look forward to hearing back from you!


    • Hi Thomas,

      Yeah that’s the way to apply high pass filtering: using one band which filter shape is low cut to cut the low frequencies while leaving (passing) the frequencies above it as is.

      If you cut both ends (highs and lows) that is basically a band pass (notch) filter.

      Hope this helps!

  4. @petri suhonen- help !!!
    how to make electro envelope with the help of fm bass as it given in some flp files in fl studio 11 !!!!

  5. I didn’t know that low pass filters worked on the sound. My band and I can’t figure out how to make our sound cleaner. We’ll have to consider buying a couple of filters for the EQ filters.

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