Nice Collection Of Free Scratch Samples


Nice Collection Of Free Scratch Samples

If you’re into hip hop, rap, r&b, etc. music production, you need to download this free package of oneshot scratch samples produced by Dmitriy “Cyberworm” Vasilyev! Though these can be used on ANY music genre, they work particularly well in urban music.

There’s total of 75 scratch WAV samples ranging from rewind -to voice -to instrument scratch sounds.

Samples are royalty free.

Download 75 Free Scratch Samples By Dmitriy “Cyberworm” Vasilyev


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  1. Max Golovanov on

    THX for sharing a link to these free scratch samples, Petri!

    P.S. According to the name Dmitriy Vasilyev seems to be from Russia or Ukraine – anyway I’m proud of compatriot! 🙂

  2. HazleNut on

    Do you have another link for these scratches, site seems ti be down. Thankyou for the wealth of knowledge and variety of useful samples you have listed as well. O:)

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