Two EQ Cheat Sheets For Better Mixes

Two EQ Cheat Sheets For Better Mixes

I was on surfing on the web and stumbled on these two EQ “cheat sheets” that seems to be quite useful!

The first is made/shared by an user called fredv on and it lists pretty good tips for equalization by frequency and by instrument with a glossary.

Cheatography EQ Cheat Sheet

You can also download this as .PDF from the website. Go check it out.

The second is made by Matthew Sargeant and is aimed to sort out the frequencies in EDM tracks.

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  1. Steven G. on

    Hey Petri. I found a good resource for noobs like me to train EQing in a real-time, virtual, learning environment:

    I don’t know if you would recommend that to site users, but I found it very helpful. I’ve noticed at times that my guess is in the vicinity of the correct band that was EQ’ed, but I’d be on the wrong side of it, adjusting the dB one way while the EQ change was actually on the other band’s side with an inverse change to dB… I wonder if that’s a common happening in the beginning stages of learning EQ. Thanks for your hard work, keep it up!

  2. I made that first one when I was in HS. I let the site I hosted it on – – die. After posting to the forum I was learning from for mixing, I got a lot of negative feedback and pulled it. It’s weird to see it still exists on the web. Anyways, just thought I’d let you know that first one was made by a 17 year old with only a few years of experience mixing.

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