Zebralette For Free!

Zebralette For Free

Good news everyone! U-he’s VST synth Zebralette is now free and I gotta say its now one of those MUST HAVE freeware synths you need to go download asap!

Zebralette has:

  • 2 LFOs (one per voice, one global)
  • Multi-stage envelope
  • Chorus
  • EQ
  • Delay
  • Dual spectral effects
  • Pristine sound quality

Here’s what U-he’s website has to say about Zebralette:

OK, Zebralette is just one of Zebra2’s oscillators packed into a simple, easy-to-learn framework – but you have everything you need to make some pretty amazing sounds. Sounds that can be directly loaded into Zebra2 later. And should you eventually decide to upgrade to Zebra2, you will already know everything there is to know about the oscillators – which is quite an advantage!

Zebralette has two LFOs (one per voice, one global), a multi-stage envelope and three on-board effects (chorus, EQ, delay). Not forgetting Zebra2’s famous dual spectral effects, which include several squelchy filter algorithms.

Megasaw? Zebralette also goes to eleven.

So: Because the Zebra2 oscillators are so powerful, Zebralette is actually a great little synth in its own right, and it has the same pristine audio quality as the mighty Zebra2… try out the new presets and see for yourself!

Check some sound examples from the video below:

Download Zebralette.


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  1. thespanningtree on

    wasn’t there an original zebra? seems I remember using that. This is additive is it not? seems very metallic sounding like add.

    • Yep. Zebra 2. And Zebralette is like a fraction of the full Zebra 2 – it’s actually one of the Zebra 2 oscillators put into a usable framework.

      And yeah, Zebralette is additive/wavetable synth with oscillator effects instead of filters.

  2. I love how you’re always posting a video of you skipping through the presets. Because I hate how I always have to download a synth, start Cubase, skip through the sounds and then decide if I like it or not.
    Thanks for the timesaver! 🙂

    • Thanks, Simon! Yeah there’s just “too many” VST’s around so I thought this would help producers to pick up the ones they really need 🙂

  3. Some pretty amazing presets there! The “bold as brass” one reminded me of the old 80s action/SF movie Blue Thunder 🙂

  4. One more time. I got it off but if there’s a way to get it into a flp’s channel without having to purchase please let us know. What use is this without something like flp’s anyway?