18 Free Patches For U-He Diva

18 Free Patches For U-He Diva

Diva is a virtual analogue synthesizer by U-He and here’s 18 free patches for it, created by me. These presets are made via the help of randomization (but  a little bit of hand tweaking was involved as well). They do not represent any particular genre though, but you’ll find leads, basses, pads and experimental sounds that can be used for various different musical styles.

Listen the audio preview below:

You are free to use these patches in your commercial and/or non-commercial audio productions.

Download 18 Free Patches For U-He Diva By Petri Suhonen

The patches are in Diva native format (.h2p) and installation is simple: locate your Diva data folder (\Diva.data\Presets\Diva\THIRD PARTY) and unpack the .rar file as is (the “PS Randoms For Diva Vol 1” folder) to the “\THIRD PARTY\” folder and the presets should appear in the Diva Patches list next time you open it.


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  1. Good job on everything, but I must say I LOVE the second sound (the flute-like one)! Is there any possibility you could please explain the basic structure of that sound, so that those of us without Diva could try and replicate it in some other synth?

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. rana sikander on

    sir i have a problem with delay efffect there is agap whenever i rotate the knob of time plz solve this voice cut plz tell me how can i get rid of this.