223 Free House Drum Samples

223 Free House Drum Samples

Tutozed is offering a free house sample kit. Nice kicks, claps, hihats, etc for house music, but they can be used in other electronic music styles as well. EDIT: the website does no longer exist. Sorry.

In total, there’s 223 WAV samples in this package consisting of:

  • 41 kick drums
  • 16 claps
  • 24 cymbals
  • 27 hihats
  • 59 percussion
  • 11 sfx
  • 32 snares & rims
  • 13 toms

Samples are good quality and I grabbed them to my own sample collection. Worth downloading.

Download Free House Sample Kit. EDIT: not available anymore, sorry.


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  1. Ihsan Yilmazkurtdag on

    Moi, linkissä taitaa olla jotain vikaa tai sivua ei ole enää olemassa. 🙂

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