Digital Redux Free Bundle | Over 1300 Free Samples

Digital Redux Free Bundle | Over 1300 Free Samples

2020 Update: Sorry, Loophunter and these free samples no longer exist. For more free samples, please check out our free downloads section.

Loophunter has released a free sample pack titled “Digital Redux Free Bundle”. Here’s a quote from Loophunters website:

DIGITAL REDUX FREE BUNDLE is a pack in which we got together all free sample packs from the whole product of our DIGITAL-REDUX producer; with over than 1300 samples and loops, you will be able to get an idea of the 20 packs that you can find on our website. With styles as diverse as electro, house, techno, chill out, dubstep, hip-hop, dnb, and the likes.

A good way of having a little sample of each one of these incredible packs aimed at professional electronic music producers.

I checked the sounds and there’s some pretty usable samples for sure! It’s a zipped package and the download size is 821MB. Go grab it asap!


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  1. Hello my #1 sample and inspiration god! ๐Ÿ˜›

    The link seems to be dead, i checked around on their site and all their other free packs were down aswell.
    Was this pack worth the download?

    With regards, Fredrik from northern Sweden.

  2. this company is a joke, iยดve bought a big pack from them with classic drum machines they are totally wrong listed and quality is not really good.

    • You just put all your samples in a folder and arrange them as you wish with underfolders and so on then look in options in FL Studio and there should be a tab/menu item there where you can add additional content folders, and there you just click add folder and then select your samples folder then your samples will show up in the left column in FL Studio where all the other things are like automation/samples/instruments etc.

      Hope that helps you!
      With regards, Fredrik!

  3. Wow, This is great.. Some amazing samples in this pack… Cant quite believe they have given it away for free!

  4. yea, anyone have an external download to this? it gone up to one dollar and however amazing this pack sounds i dont want to spend any money so PLEASE someone send me a link to one? many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

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