Feldspar | Free VSTi By Contralogic

Feldspar Free VSTi By Contralogic

The supply of quality free VST synths is finite! I just downloaded Feldspar by Contralogic and it’s warm sound caught me right away. It has also a nice range of tempo based modulation options.

Here’s some details:

  • 16 LFO waveform shapes
  • 18 Ring modulator algorithms
  • Tempo-synced delay with high and low pass filters in the feedback path
  • Simulated oscillator pitch instability for vintage analog style sounds

There’s 31 presets to get you started. Recommended download.

Check the video below for some sound examples:

Download Feldspar.


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  1. TheSpanningTree on

    I really like this vst. I was messing and I like the way it has a source and a destination, can be kinda limiting compared to other synths, but makes it super easy. It will do a nice wobble bass.

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