FL Studio Quick Tip: Using Mixer Track State Files

FL Studio Quick Tip Using Mixer Track State Files

Did you know you can save a mixer track state as a preset file and load and restore it to any other mixer track(s)? Mixer track state is the settings of a single mixer track: all the fx plugins that are loaded in the fx slot, plugin settings, track volume levels, panning, etc. Once saved, they will be stored to a .fst file and can then be imported & restored to any mixer track.

This is a very handy feature if you have a favorite set of fx plugins and settings in the fx chain you ure using over and over again. All you have to do is to drag & drop the previously saved mixer state file into mixer track and you’re all set – no need to load and tweak all the plugins and settings one by one.

Here’s how you save a mixer track state:

1. Open the Mixer and go to a mixer track which state you want to save.

2. Right click on the mixer track and select ‘File -> Save mixer track state as…’ from the pop-up menu

3. Choose a folder where to save the .fst file. Default is FL Studio\Data\Patches\Mixer state, but you can save it to whatever folder.

How To Save Mixer Track Sate As A Preset

And here’s how you import & restore the mixer state to any mixer track:

1. Use the Browser (or Windows explorer) to locate the previously saved mixer state file and drag it to any mixer track (or right click on the mixer track and choose ‘File & Open mixer track state…’). Done.

How To Load A Mixer Track State File

Simple trick, but saves a lot of time.

One more tip regarding to mixer track states:

You can also copy the mixer track state from a mixer track to another ‘on-the-fly’ without saving it to a file. Simply right click on the source mixer track and choose ‘File’ and by using the left mouse button, click – but don’t release yet – over the ‘Save mixer track state as…’ and drag it to target mixer track and release the button. This is a quick way to copy/paste fx chain plugins and settings from one mixer track to another.

Copy And Paste Mixer Track Settings On The Fly

Hope you’ll find this tip useful! Remember to check my other FL Studio Quick Tips as well.


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