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  1. I have always loved music and always wanted to create music. Other than being in middle school band for a short while, I have no training in music at all. One day I decided to get fl studio and follow my passion to make music. When I got the program I couldn’t even lay out a simple drum beat because I don’t know how to use the program and also sadly because I had no idea how to write music at all. That is until i found you on Youtube. Although i am still completely a novice I have learned how to use the program and more importantly, your videos have helped me learn to make simple drum beats and some clean melodies. So I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the great tutorials you make on YouTube and for the great website you have put together. So thank you so much. MIKE
    Oh yeah. I’ll make sure to mention who taught me when I become huge and famous and win my first
    Award Lol !!!

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